Ready Mixed Concrete

11 October 2023 – 2 Minute Read

How much is ready-mixed cement?

Ready-mixed cement is typically priced from between £65 and £105 per cubic metre . The cost will vary depending on the type of ready-mixed cement you choose and your location. There is no ‘one size fits all’ cost for buying ready-mixed cement.

Where to buy ready-mixed cement?

You can find out where to buy ready-mixed cement on . There are a range of ready-mixed cement suppliers for you to choose from, who offer varying types and prices, so pick the one that is best suited to your specific project. Ready-mixed cement has varying properties, for example, some are stronger and more waterproof than others.

Can ready-mixed cement be used for laying tiles?

Yes, you can use ready-mixed cement for laying tiles. However, there are specialist tile adhesives available and these work better in some instances. You are likely to find tile adhesive is easier to work with and offers a stronger hold than ready-mixed cement. Ready-mixed cement does not create a strong bond with some tiles, depending on the material.

How long does a tub of ready-mixed cement last?

A tub of ready-mixed cement can last several months, as long as the mixture stays dry and has not been mixed with water. A tub of ready-mixed mortar stays workable for up to 3 days, but it will set quickly once it has been used.

Is ready-mixed cement any good?

Yes, ready-mixed cement is considered to be a good option for a lot of construction projects. It is high quality, durable and strong. There are a number of advantages that come with ready-mixed cement. For example, it is quick and convenient to use. It can be relied upon and has a lot of uses. Plus, there is less wastage as exact amounts can be mixed at a time.

How long does ready-made cement last?

Ready-made cement lasts for several months and the mixture remains usable as long as it stays dry. Once the cement has been mixed, it should be used within a few hours before it loses workability. There are factors that can speed up this process, such as warm weather and heat.

How much ready mixed concrete do I need?

The amount of ready mixed concrete needed will depend on the size of your project. The length and width of the area, along with the desired thickness of the concrete, should be taken into account. You will need to calculate the volume in cubic metres and buy enough ready-mixed concrete to fill the space.

Can gravel be added to ready-mixed concrete?

Yes, you can add gravel to ready-mixed concrete and it is common to do so. The amount of gravel you use will determine the strength, texture and volume of the mixture. As well as gravel, sand and crushed stone can also be added to ready-mixed concrete to achieve similar results.