1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

How many pubs are there in the U.K?

There are over 47,000 pubs across the U.K. In fact, the UK has more pubs, on average, than most European countries so you will never have trouble finding a spot for a refreshing pint. You can find a pub near you by using .

When do pubs close?

Most pubs close at around 1am however, many have licenses to stay open longer. If you are looking for specific opening time information for a pub you plan on visiting, we recommend checking the pub’s website. In line with COVID-19 restrictions, pubs currently have a curfew which prevents them from staying open beyond certain hours. However, such restrictions are set to ease with pubs operating more closely to normal hours.

Can pubs sell alcohol to take away?

No, pubs cannot usually sell takeaway alcohol. However, under the lockdown restrictions that came into force as a result of COVID-19, some pubs were able to legally sell takeaway alcohol. You are not allowed to take your drink outside of the pub’s premises as a customer. This is mostly for health and safety reasons, though some pubs will happily allow you to enjoy your drink in their on-site garden.

Are children allowed in pubs?

Yes, children are allowed in pubs until 9pm usually. However, some pubs choose not to allow children as per their policies. You should be fine to enter a pub with your children unless that pub’s license says otherwise. Again, if in doubt, check with the pub before you plan a family visit. In children-friendly pubs, you can even find playparks on-site to keep little ones entertained.

Are pubs closed on Easter Sunday?

No, some pubs remain open on Easter Sunday. It comes down to individual licensing and when the pub is permitted to be open which will determine whether a pub opens its doors during national holidays. If you are planning to visit a pub on Easter Sunday, we advise you check the opening times on the pub's website.

Do pubs charge vat on drinks?

Yes, you will be charged the standard VAT fee of 20% on drinks at pubs. In some cases, you will not have to pay VAT for drinks however, for the most part, you should expect this charge.

Do pubs charge for soda water?

Some pubs do charge for soda water though most pubs will not. If you ask specifically for tap water at a pub you should not be charged. If you add cordial to soda water, you will have to pay for the drink so keep this in mind.

Do pubs have to display a price list?

Yes, every pub must display a price list for its customers. The price list must be positioned in a place that is accessible to customers, i.e. at the front bar or in menus placed on tables. The price list must be easily readable and it should cover exactly what you get for your money. If you cannot locate a price list, ask a member of staff who should be able to provide you with one.