Plumbers’ Merchants

1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

What is a plumbers’ merchant?

A plumbers’ merchant is an industry-specific shop focused on the supply of equipment and goods for plumbers to carry out their trade. Some stock held by plumbers’ merchants can be found in larger hardware or home improvement stores, but these are specialist industry shops aimed specifically at the niche of professional plumbers.

Where are the nearest plumbers’ merchants?

To search for your nearest plumbers’ merchants, use the directory and browse local listings. You can search by country, town, city, county, or postcode to find plumbers merchants nearby to you. Plumbers’ merchants are found equally amongst residential and commercial areas and smaller shops should not be discounted based purely on the size – they can often order stock in as required.

Which plumbers’ merchants?

Plumbers’ merchants come in all shapes and sizes, some independent and some chain. To find the right plumbers’ merchant for you, it may be worth calling around local branches to investigate who has stock available relevant to your needs. Many plumbers’ merchants offer contracts for trade customers which can include loyalty and reward offers, so for repeat custom, these are worth investigating. If you are looking for something specific or difficult to find, consider looking a little further afield for a plumbers’ merchants, as many offer deliveries and can send items to you directly.

How many plumbers’ merchants are there in the UK?

Branches of plumbers’ merchants are opening all the time in the UK, so the total number of them varies on a daily basis. The market for plumbers’ merchants is estimated to be worth well over £4billion and plumbers are an in-demand trade, so there’s always a need for them!

Do plumbers’ merchants only sell to trade?

Some plumbers’ merchants sell only to trade customers’, but plenty are open to the public too. You may see different price points for trade and public customers when visiting a plumbers’ merchants, so if you’re unsure which is accurate for you, ask a member of staff. Trade customers often have the benefit of contract pricing and invoicing and may receive more favourable rates. If you are a professional plumber or work in the industry, it is always worth asking about contract and loyalty offers.

Are plumbers’ merchants open on weekends?

Some plumbers’ merchants are open on weekends in order to cater for weekend working and/or emergency jobs – but not all. It is best to phone ahead or check opening hours of plumbers merchants online through the relevant directory before travelling to one. Small, independently owned plumbers’ merchants are less likely to be open on weekends than large chain stores, but there is no set rule, so it’s always worth asking.

Can you buy compressor fittings from a plumbers’ merchant?

Compressor fittings and other relevant plumbing equipment can be purchased from a plumbers’ merchant. However, for specialist equipment and items, some plumbers’ merchants will only serve trade customers – so it’s advisable to phone ahead to discuss any specific requirements before visiting.