Plant & Machinery Hire

31 January 2024 – 2 Minute Read

How much is it for plant hire machinery?

The cost you pay for machinery will always depend on the type of machinery you need, and how long you need it for. For example, if you hire a mini or micro-digger, which is usually around 1 metre wide and suitable for digging projects in home gardens, expect to pay around £75 per day, or £250 per week . For larger diggers that weigh around 3 tonnes or more, expect to pay £125 per day or around £350 for hire for a week. If you do not have experience of operating machinery, it may be worth hiring an operator to operate the digger for you during your project. To hire a digger operator can cost an average of £275 per day . Many companies offer operators, especially if the equipment being used requires experienced handling and competency, or if the project is complex.

Which services do plant hire companies offer?

Plant hire companies offer a wide range of machinery equipment for hire for digging and construction projects. Examples of this machinery include excavators, diggers, dumpers, telehandlers, dozers, dump trucks, generators, woodchippers, loading shovels, rollers, lighting towers and more. You can generally hire equipment with or without an operator, although for some equipment, you may need to prove competency or prior experience in being able to use it and knowing how it works before you will be allowed to hire it.

How do I find a machine hire company?

You can search for machine hire companies in your local area using . Not all plant hire companies are created equal, so it is important to do some careful research to get the right equipment for your project. Check the company stock and make sure they have the right kind of equipment for your needs. Ask whether the equipment is new or rather old. Newer equipment will have more safety features and newer technology, to make using it easier. Make sure the company can be flexible with dates for hiring the equipment, just in case you need extra time if your project falls behind on deadlines. Also check that the company follows health and safety protocols, cares about the safety of its customers, and that it has a good reputation within its industry. Reputable plant hire companies will have accreditation from relevant industry bodies, such as Hire Association Europe, CHAS, Safe Contractor or SafeHire, among many others.

What is covered in plant hire insurance?

When you hire any machinery, you are responsible for using it correctly and safely, and for its condition. Taking out insurance for plant hire will cover any legal liability you have under the terms of the hiring agreement you sign with a plant hire company, and will pay out any compensation should the equipment become damaged or stolen. Most plant hire insurance includes legal defence costs, repair costs and continuing hire charges. There will usually be a limit on the continuing hire charges – one example is £15,000 . Types of machinery that you may want to cover with plant hire insurance include diggers, mixers, cranes, dumpers, excavators, forklifts, rollers, telehandlers, dozers, cherry pickers and loading shovels, as these are costly pieces of equipment that can be expensive to repair, replace or retrieve if stolen.