Pizza Delivery & Takeaway

1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

How much do you tip a pizza delivery driver?

While tipping a pizza delivery driver is to your discretion, as well as how much, 10-15% of the total bill is usually what many people will tip. However, if you are paying by cash and it is simply easier to say ‘keep the change’ as it will only be a few pounds that you get back, that is also a common reaction too.

How pizza delivery works

Pizza delivery will work according to how you order your pizza. However, if you order via an app having chosen your pizza delivery shop from , you simply follow the app’s specific procedure. If you choose to call up the pizza delivery shop found on, you tell them your order over the phone and either pay via a credit card or cash on arrival.

How much is pizza delivery?

Pizza delivery prices will vary according to the size of pizza you choose. However, the following prices are commonplace . For a small pizza, on average you can expect to pay £13.87. For a medium sized pizza, you can expect to pay £15.97. For a large pizza delivery, you can expect to pay £17.97. The delivery fee itself may sometimes be swallowed up by the company, or free if you have a large enough order. Some shops will charge a couple of pounds only.

Who has the best delivery pizza?

While personal preference entirely, the best delivery pizza will be from shops that have an authentic pizza oven and cook Italian style thin crust pizzas. However, deep pan, American style pizzas are also popular and very common.

How long should pizza delivery take?

Pizza delivery should not take any longer than half an hour midweek but may go up to around an hour on Friday and Saturday nights - if not longer. The earlier you order your pizza is often the better, or sometimes post 9pm is also a good time to expect a quicker delivery. Between 7 and 8.30 are when you are likely to incur long delivery times.

What happens if you miss a pizza delivery?

Different shops will have different rules, but if you have paid for your pizza via credit card and are not at home to accept delivery, you are going to be charged regardless. Some shops may make allowances in extreme circumstances if you call them up after the event, but the likelihood is that you will have to pay for your food.

What pizza delivery has gluten free options?

More and more pizza delivery shops have gluten free options these days. Your chosen shop should have it clearly delineated on their menu.

What pizza delivery takes Paypal?

Use to find out whether your chosen pizza delivery service accepts PayPal. Once you have found a shop you may want to use, the site will say whether it accepts PayPal under more info.

Can you pay for pizza delivery with a card?

It is perfectly possible to pay for pizza delivery with a credit card, though you will have to do it when making an order - either over the phone or through your delivery services app or website.