Picture Framers & Frame Makers

1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

How much does picture framing cost?

Picture framing costs around £7.50 per A4 sized pictures and £9.50 for an item that is larger than A4. These prices are, of course, variable depending on the amount of experience the company has and how well established it is. For those that want to put in special bespoke orders, you can expect to pay even more. Always discuss your needs with a framer to get an accurate quote before proceeding with the project.

What does a picture framer do?

A picture framer frames photographs, paintings, prints and anything else that people may choose to hang, including textiles. They work precisely and gather measurements to create bespoke picture frames for the piece they are working with. Often required for museum work and independent contracting, they are highly skilled individuals whose work can transform the way a piece of art is presented.

What do picture framers call materials?

There are different components to a picture frame which total 4 parts. The moulding is the first part and this is the material that the frame itself is made from. Following on from this, the other components include matboard, glaze and backing. With these elements combined, a picture framer is able to create a finished piece of artwork.

What is the recommended going rate for a picture framer?

We recommend choosing a picture framer based on the quality of their work and their previous experience, rather than their pricing. Of course, there is a price to pay which currently stands at around £7.50 per an A4 piece . However, if you are looking for a more bespoke project, you can expect to pay far more than this. Again, discuss with the framing company to get a clear idea of what you will be charged for framing.

What is the frame around a picture called?

Picture framers work with a piece of material known as a matboard or mountboard. This is the piece of the frame that goes around a picture on the inside of the frame itself. It is used as an additional decoration and is not a compulsory element to any framing. If you decide to include this element in your framing, you should let the service know this before you select a provider.

What is the best type of picture frame?

Many people choose to go for a traditional wooden frame as they complement almost every type of picture. However, if you are looking for a more elaborate design, you can also find gilded frames and metal frames in a gold finish.

Can I frame my own picture?

There are many tutorials online which demonstrate how to carry out picture framing. However, you can risk injury and could end up wasting materials. Unless you have previous experience or the time to properly learn the skill, we recommend outsourcing your framing project to a professional. If you want to try and frame your own picture, ensure you have the right tools and materials beforehand.