Picture Cleaners & Restorers

31 January 2024 – 2 Minute Read

How much does it cost to restore a painting?

There is no set price for a painting restoration since every painting is different in size and condition. We recommend finding a painting restorer via Yell.com before discussing your needs with them. Once they have evaluated the work that needs to be done for its restoration, you will be presented with a quote for the job. Painting restoration can be costly, especially for larger paintings however, there are options for every type of painting.

How to restore old oil paintings

Most people enlist the help of a professional oil painting restorer to work on delicate painting projects. However, if you are looking to do the task yourself, there are options in place. The best way to clean an oil painting is to use a soft white cloth that has been soaked in mild soapy water. You should then apply the soapy water to the painting's surface and gently clean away the grime that has gathered over time. Be sure to be careful with older paintings that have a thick impasto as the paintings can be particularly fragile.

What is paint restoration?

Paint restoration is the process of restoring a painting to its original condition. Though many paintings have thick layers of paint on the canvas, they can be restored so that they appear cleaner. Paint restoration is considered specialist work that requires patience, care and in some cases, the use of tools.

Does restoration affect the value of a painting?

No, as long as the restoration process does not alter the painting's appearance in any way, it will not affect the value of the painting itself. Restoration can even enhance the value of a painting as it will be in a much better condition, making it appealing to a wider range of potential buyers.

How do they restore old paintings?

Paint restorers are specially trained and educated professionals that are responsible for restoring old artworks and frescos. Painting conservators and restorers clean the different elements of paintings, including the wood, the paint itself, backing boards and frames. In some cases, canvases need to be strengthened as they can also deteriorate over time, too, so a restorer may choose to do this as part of the restoration process.

How to restore faded pictures

Faded pictures can be restored in a number of ways however, it can be a lengthy and often complicated process. To treat where the sunlight has affected pictures that are faded, color tones must be equalised and discolouration has to be fixed. This is a job that should be carried out by an expert unless you have the required skills and expertise needed.

How to restore a picture frame

Much like that of a painting, to restore a picture frame you must clean it using the right cleaning equipment. After the initial clean, a deeper clean may be required depending on the type of frame used. A gilded frame will require cleaning on a smaller scale so it may be necessary to take the frame apart before reassembling it after restoration.