1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

What is a photocopy machine?

A photocopy machine makes copies of documents, text or other visual images onto other paper or film. It is a quick, cost-effective and efficient method of copying from one sheet to another.

Where can I photocopy near me?

You can find your nearest photocopy centre by searching on . Our extensive directory has photocopiers in your local area and city across the UK. Each listing features details of the services provided and reviews and ratings from previous customers to help you make the best decision. It can also be helpful to ask friends, family and associates for recommendations of a reliable photocopier that they have used and been satisfied with. You can also check out other independent review sites to see what other people’s experiences have been like of using the photocopier and whether they sound like someone you would be happy to use.

Which brand of photocopier is best?

Some of the top brands of photocopies are:

  • HP
  • Canon
  • Kyocera
  • Toshiba
  • Lexmark
  • Konika Minolta
  • Samsung

Most of these copier machines and others can do basic photocopier services but go for a highly rated one for top quality.

What is photocopy paper?

The most commonly used paper in a photocopier machine is normal, blank A4-sized (210mm x 297mm) paper. Most stationery shops and photocopier centres sell these smooth sheets of paper that are ideal for everyday use at home or in the office.

Do photocopiers emit radiation?

Photocopiers do emit some forms of radiation, toner particles, gases and paper particles while being used. These are not very harmful to the human body, but like every device should be used with precaution. Avoid looking directly into the light being emitted for long periods of time. Photocopiers also emit a form of ozone into the air so it is not recommended to sit too close to the machine in a small space for a long time. This is why many companies have a dedicated copier room or area for these machines.

Is photocopying the same as scanning?

Although most copier machines today come with both functions, to scan and to photocopy, the actual method of output and result is very different. Both start with you having to insert a document into the glass panel of the machine. The copier will then start to obtain a digital image of your document.

To photocopy, the machine will then copy the exact image it has acquired onto another sheet of paper. To scan, the machine will store the acquired image into your computer system. This is done either through your network, your email or a drive like a memory stick.

Do photocopiers store images?

Modern photocopier machines can store your images, data and contact information. This speeds things up for when you need to photocopy large chunks of data and documents at the same time or if you want to save them for later. Since modern digital copiers essentially work like computers, many companies choose to delete and restore the machine to factory settings every few months for added security.