Petrol Stations

11 October 2023 – 2 Minute Read

How to check tyre pressure at petrol station?

If you need to check your tyre pressure, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the valve dust cap from the tyre and place the pressure gauge onto the revealed stem.
  2. Firmly press down the gauge onto the stem for an accurate reading.
  3. Check the reading on the pressure gauge to get an idea of whether your tyres need inflating.

Can you use a mobile phone in a petrol station?

You should avoid using a mobile phone while you are in a petrol station as there can be a risk of incendiary sparking. This means that the phone could cause issues should the electromagnetic radiation interfere with the petrol vapour.

How to use a petrol station?

Petrol stations are really easy to use with instructions up everywhere to help you along the way. Whether you are looking to put diesel or petrol into your vehicle, you simply need to pull up at the required pump. You will then have to remove the petrol cap on your vehicle before putting the nozzle from the pump into fuel slot on the car. Next, add as much fuel as needed which is indicated on a digital screen on the petrol pump as you are filling. Finally, you will need to pay for the fuel you have put in your vehicle’s petrol tank.

Which is the cheapest petrol station?

You can find details of the cheapest petrol station near to you using . Many supermarkets charge very cheap prices for fuel so they are always worth checking out before going elsewhere.

How to use a jet wash at a petrol station?

If you need to use a jet wash at the petrol station to clean your car, they are thankfully easy to use. Jet washers are great for getting into all the cracks and crevices, and they project water at an extremely powerful rate. The instructions for using the jet wash will be available to read at the petrol station of your choice; however, you usually just need to pay and select how long you want to use the wash. You will then be able to release water by pulling down on the trigger on the handle to get cleaning.

Can you buy engine oil at a petrol station?

Yes, you can usually buy engine oil at a petrol station, among other types of vehicle products, such as antifreeze for windscreens. If you need to buy engine oil, the best place to find it is at a specialist car shop. While some petrol stations will stock engine oil, you should not rely on them as a place to pick up essentials for your vehicle.

Can I use air to pump my tyres at a petrol station?

Yes, if you have tested the pressure of your tyres and have concluded they need more air, you can use the air pump at a petrol station. Putting air into your tyres is very easy and the air compressor machine will notify you with a beep when the tyre's pressure is back to the required level.