Partitioning Services & Equipment

11 October 2023 – 2 Minute Read

How much does it cost to build a partition wall?

It typically costs in the region of £125 per square metre to have a partition wall professionally built. This figure can vary depending on the type of partition wall you have chosen and your location.

What is a partition wall?

A partition wall is a non-load bearing wall that is added in to a room to divide the space. They are often used to divide large bedrooms in half or to separate kitchen and dining areas.

How much is it to put up a partition wall?

It costs around £900 to have a builder put up a partition wall in a standard sized bedroom. This price can vary depending on how large the wall is and the size of the space that is being separated.

Where to buy a partition wall?

You can buy a partition wall by searching on where you will find a number of companies offering partitioning services and equipment. There are a wide range of options when it comes to buying a partition wall, including different sizes and materials.

How thin can a partition wall be?

If you are using a standard timber frame to construct a partition wall, the thinnest the plasterboard should be is 9.5mm or 12.5mm. This type of plasterboard can be fixed upon either a 100mm x 50mm or 75mm x 50mm timber frame to create a thin stud wall. Though thin partition walls take up less space than those that are thicker, they do not reduce noise in the same way.

How much weight can a partition wall take?

The majority of plasterboard partition walls can hold weight between 20kg and 50kg. The amount of weight a partition wall can take is dependent on the partition system used and the type of fixing that is holding it in place.

How wide is a partition wall?

There are varying widths for a partition wall and you should choose yours depending on the space you have. Timber frames that measure 100mm x 75mm or 75mm x 50mm are usually used, along with 9.5 or 12.5mm plasterboard.

Are partition walls load bearing?

No, partition walls are not load-bearing. A partition wall is used to divide a space but it cannot be used to bear any weight from above. When you install a partition wall into a home, the load-bearing walls remain the same.

Can you mount a TV on a partition wall?

Yes, you can mount a TV on a partition wall. It is possible to mount large, heavy televisions on a partition wall without the risk of it falling down, as long as it is fixed correctly.

Do you need a building permit for a partition wall?

No, you do not need a building permit for a partition wall and you do not need to apply for planning permission. However, there are certain building regulations you will need to take into consideration. The exact building regulations will depend on where the partition wall is being placed and its function.