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Painters & Decorators

31 January 2024 – 3 Minute Read

Ready to refresh your home? Here’s everything you need to know about painters and decorators.

What do painters and decorators do?

Painters and decorators use paint, wallpaper, and other materials to improve a building’s appearance. Usually, they’ll begin by cleaning and preparing the surfaces they’re working on.

This might involve removing debris (or old paint and wallpaper), sanding and cleaning walls, and even sealing cracks. By doing this, they’ll create a surface that makes a professional finish possible.

Once preparation is complete, they’ll mix the paint (or prepare the wallpaper) before applying it to the walls or ceiling. Painting jobs can vary in scope – are you painting a feature wall or a whole house? – so expect some changes to the process based on your request.

How much do painters and decorators charge per day?

On average, professional painters and decorators charge around £200 per day , plus the cost of materials. Day rates can be as high as £300, though, depending on several factors.

Costs are usually set according to your location, the size of the job, and the difficulty of the work. If your request needs lots of prep work before any painting begins, prices might increase.

Do painters and decorators supply paint?

Yes, most painters and decorators will supply the paint. You can still buy your own supplies, but make sure you have the right volume for several coats of paint.

After picking your favourite colours (either in-store or using a paint chart), the team will grab materials from their supplier. This method could save you money since they purchase the paint at trade prices.

Do painters and decorators remove radiators?

In general, painters remove radiators before decorating to give the best possible finish.

If they have trouble removing your radiators, they can use special brushes and rollers that reach behind most units.

Do painters and decorators do plastering?

Some local painters and decorators offer plastering services, but not all of them. Most walls and ceilings only need lighter prep work (like sanding and washing the surface) to create a surface suitable for painting.

If your wall needs more extensive plastering work, ask your team if they can complete the job. If they can’t, you’ll have to hire a plasterer separately.

Do painters and decorators replaster?

Again, some businesses offer replastering alongside their painting and decorating services. Others do not.

If your walls need replastering, you will very likely have to find a specialist plasterer instead.

Do painters and decorators strip walls?

Typically, professionals offer to strip walls. It’s a common requirement for decorating jobs since walls and ceilings naturally decline over time.

The process involves soaking and then scraping off wallpaper (and sometimes chemical stripping). They might try steaming the wall, too, which can help dampen the wallpaper for easier removal.

Can a painter and decorator hang up photos?

Yes, painters and decorators will usually be able to hang up photos and pictures, at your request.

Check with your team before the decorating work begins. Larger frames might require specialist fixtures (and a couple of people) to hang. This is usually deemed an additional cost.

Do painters and decorators clean up afterwards?

Good painting and decorating services will clean up after they’ve finished the job. This is a standard part of the process.

Many decorators put dust sheets down before starting. This makes the clean-up process much quicker and simpler.

How to find a good painter and decorator?

If you’re struggling with finding services that you like, don’t panic.

Get recommendations from your family and friends, who will give you an honest assessment of the services they’ve used.

Of course, Yell is here to help you hire painters and decorators as well. You can read advice, support, and FAQs to learn everything you need to find the best painters and decorators in your area.

If you’re ready to get started, begin by browsing the highest-rated local painters and decorators today. If you'd prefer for businesses to contact you, fill in your details and post an enquiry instead – it only takes a few moments.