Painters & Decorators

1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

What do painters and decorators do?

Professional painters and decorators use paint, wallpaper and other finishes to improve a building's appearance. They begin by preparing the surface and removing the old paint and wallpaper. They will seal any cracks and fill holes then mix the paint or prepare the wallpaper before applying it to the wall or ceiling.

How much do painters and decorators charge?

Painters and decorators charge around £200 per day plus the cost of materials, but it could be up to £300. The cost largely depends on the location, size of the room or rooms, and how complicated the job is. If the painter and decorator needs to spend a lot of time preparing the surfaces and filling cracks and holes, this may increase the cost.

Do painters and decorators supply paint?

Yes, most painters and decorators will supply the paint. Once you have picked your preferred colours from a colour paint chart, the painter and decorator will get them from their painting and decorating supplier.

Do painters and decorators remove radiators?

Yes, most painters and decorators will remove radiators before decorating to give the best possible finish. However, if there's a problem with removing the radiator, a painter and decorator will use a special brush or roller to reach as far behind the radiator as possible.

Do painters and decorators do plastering?

Some painters and decorators may do plastering, but not all. A painter and decorator will prepare the area to be painted by washing the surface, filling any small holes and cracks, and sanding back to a smooth finish. If your wall needs plastering, you may have to hire a separate plasterer.

Do painters and decorators replaster?

Some painters and decorators may also replaster but again, not all. If your walls need replastering, you will likely have to use the services of a professional plasterer before decorating.

Do painter and decorators strip walls?

Yes, painters and decorators will strip walls. A painter and decorator will strip the wall by soaking the wallpaper and scraping it off, or by chemical stripping to break down the wallpaper adhesive before stripping it off. Alternatively, they may use steaming to dampen the wallpaper for easier removal.

Can a painter and decorator hang up photos?

Yes, a painter and decorator should be able to hang up photos and pictures for you. However, you should check with them at the start of the decorating work as there may be an additional charge.

Do painters and decorators clean up afterwards?

Yes, a good painter and decorator will always clean up after they've finished. They should put down dust sheets before starting and clean up all debris when they have finished.

How to find a good painter and decorator?

You can find a good painter and decorator by visiting . Another good way is to ask friends and family for recommendations. Personal recommendations are a great way to judge the quality of tradespeople. You can also check with the Painting and Decorators Association (PDA), the trade body for painters and decorators.