Occupational Health

1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

What is an occupational health assessment?

An occupational health assessment refers to a type of medical examination which is carried out by an occupational health physician. They are used to let employers know about an employee’s health. An occupational health assessment will make recommendations on changes and adjustments that could be made to keep individuals safe, healthy and working.

Can occupational health stop me working?

Occupational health cannot stop you from working. They can provide recommendations and let your employer know if you should be stopping working or taking some time off. Their recommendations are not law and they do not have the power to tell you not to work. Your employer might decide that you cannot work on recommendation of occupational health, however.

What can occupational health do for me?

Occupational health can help to keep you safe at work. They focus on both physical and mental health and help to manage any risks in the workplace. If you have been off work sick for a long time, or are returning to work after sickness, occupational health can provide advice and recommendations for your health and safety. Occupational health can also ensure that your employer is following all health and safety regulations and help you to stay healthy in your role.

What questions are asked at an occupational health assessment? What to expect from occupational health?

During an occupational health assessment, you could be asked about your current health, any treatments you are having or have had recently, and any concerns you might have about returning to work after taking time off sick. In some cases, occupational health might ask for more information from your doctors. If this is the case, they will let you know why they want more information and ask you to sign a form for consent. You will have the right to see a doctor’s report before it is given to occupational health.

Can occupational health overrule a doctor?

No, occupational health cannot overrule a doctor or a sick note. Occupational health can provide their recommendations and advise on your health and situation, but they do not have the power to overrule a doctor’s advice.

How to get an occupational health check?

There are various different ways to get an occupational health check. You can be referred by your employer, or you can refer yourself to occupational health. Some employers will offer referrals to occupational health for all new recruits.

Can I refer myself to occupational health?

Yes, you can refer yourself to occupational health if you want to or are concerned about your health at work. You can complete a referral or ask your employer to do one for you. In a referral you will need to include your reasons for wanting to see occupational health as well as information about what your job involves.

How to arrange an occupational health assessment?

You can arrange an occupational health assessment by either asking your employer or sending a self-referral form. When occupational health receives your referral form, they will arrange an appointment to discuss your assessment in more detail.