MOT Testing

1 April 2022 – 3 Minute Read

How much is an MOT test?

The price of an MOT test will vary depending on the class and size of your vehicle. Companies that offer MOT tests cannot charge customers more than the maximum amount that has been specified by the government, which is £54.85 for a car, and £29.65 for a standard size motorbike.

What is tested in an MOT?

An MOT will test certain aspects of your vehicle to ensure that it meets legal standards set by the government. It shouldn't be confused with a service, which checks for the working and mechanical condition of the vehicle. Areas inspected in an MOT include the car body, seatbelts, wiring and lighting, exhaust emissions, steering, wheels, suspension and brakes. An MOT doesn't include checking the engine, gearbox or clutch. Recent changes to MOT testing regulations also state that an illuminated airbag warning light will cause your car to fail its MOT . Read a full list of items inspected during an MOT .

How long does an MOT test take?

The average MOT takes 50 minutes. This is on the assumption that the vehicle passes the inspection. If the vehicle fails the inspection, repairs will need to be made, which will take longer. This is because you cannot drive away a car or motorbike that has failed an MOT, and repairs will need to be made on site. This is unless the existing MOT is still valid, or if you are driving the car to another centre to have repairs.

When and how often do you need an MOT test?

When a car reaches three years old (or four years old if you are based in Northern Ireland), it requires a regular MOT test once a year to ensure that it meets the vehicle standards set by the Ministry of Transport. MOT test centres are identified by the display of a blue sign with 3 white triangles within it. You can find an MOT test centre in your local area by using .

What do I need to take for my MOT test?

When you attend your MOT test, it is useful to have your current MOT certificate and Vehicle Registration Document (V5C), with you. If you do not have these to hand, most test centres will be able to find these online through a government database. If you lose your MOT certificate, you can contact the MOT test centre with your car registration number and V5C number and obtain a new certificate. Expect to be without your car for a full day, depending on the garage's schedule and if your car needs repairs. If you plan on waiting at the test centre, bring something to eat and a good book.

What fails an MOT test?

It is worth bearing in mind that two out of five MOT tests end up with a failed result. Such failures are often a result of minor problems that you can fix yourself. For example, your car may not have enough screen wash in it, it could be too dirty on the windows and mirrors, the registration number plate could be using the incorrect face type, or stickers on the windscreen could be in an inappropriate place that could be considered dangerous, as they block the driver's view. Other failings include having a lit-up warning light on the car dashboard, in relation to a problem that has not yet been resolved.

How early can you get an MOT test?

You can get an MOT test at any time, but if you want to maintain the renewal date for your MOT certificate, the earliest you can book your vehicle in for inspection is one month minus one day before the certificate runs out.

Are MOT certificates still issued?

MOT certificates are issued by the test garage carrying out the MOT so that your vehicle's history can be recorded. MOT certificate copies are also held by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).