Model Shops

1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

Where is the nearest model shop?

How to find the nearest model shop? It is easy with . Just type in ‘model shop’ along with your location, and you will be directed to a local shop.

What do model shops sell?

Different model shops tend to specialise in different types of models. If you are looking for wargaming, then you might find it in one shop; if you are looking for model railways, then you might find it in another. While there is a little bit of overlap between them, it makes sense to find a store which matches your hobby.

Are model shops open on Sundays?

Many model shops are small, family-run businesses that do not open on a Sunday. With that said, there are always exceptions. You can find out specific opening hours in the listings, even if the business in question does not have a website.

Can you haggle in model shops?

If you are looking for a particular item to complete (or at least, add to) your model railway collection, then you do not necessarily have to pay list price for it. While British people are generally averse to haggling, those that do tend to report success, especially if they are shopping in smaller stores. According to polling by Money Saving Expert , 84% of hagglers in independent shops were able to come away with the goods for cheaper.

Model shops rely on generating repeat custom, and so if they think that you are going to come back for more, then they might be more willing to offer a discount. Your chance of success might therefore rest on you being recognised as a valued customer. If you are in an independent store, then there is a greater chance that you will be able to talk to the business owner themselves, which means that they have discretion to offer you as big a discount as they like.

There are a few other strategies you might employ. Go when the shop is quiet, so you will not be spurned in favour of other, paying customers. Do not fill awkward silences by agreeing to the asking price. Do not shop for products that are in season and learn to recognise products that are coming to the end of their natural lifespans.

Haggling is usually worth a try, therefore. If it comes to it, the worst that can happen is that they will say ‘no’.

What extra equipment do I need?

Many kinds of models need to be detached from a plastic base, which is necessary to prevent damage during transit. Figurines with limbs stretched into dramatic poses tend to be especially vulnerable to snapping.

This is usually done using a small flathead or crosshead screwdriver. Certain brands, like IXO, require specialised triangle-headed screwdrivers instead.

Are all model shops independent?

There do exist larger chain model shops, like Games Workshop. But these tend to exclusively carry a particular sort of model. If you are looking at train sets, model aircraft, and alternative wargaming models, then the chances are good that you will have to go independent, instead.