Mobile Phones & Accessories

31 January 2024 – 2 Minute Read

What to do with old mobile phones?

If you no longer need your mobile phone, then you can recycle it. If it is a relatively recent model, you can sell it via an online marketplace. Many high street phone shops may also offer to take it off your hands. If you have got the original box and charger, then you are likely to get a better price for it.

Many charity shops will accept your phone even if it is not working any more. They can generate funds by passing the device on to a recycler. On the other hand, you might elect to pass the phone directly to a recycling firm.

What mobile phone charger do I need?

Mobile phones come with a variety of different charging sockets. Some manufacturers, like Apple, come up with their own proprietary cables; others stick to the USB standard. Newer phones tend to come with a USB-C connector; older ones come with micro-USB. USB-C has the considerable advantage of being reversible; you can stick the cable in either way up, and it will still charge properly. Be sure that any replacement cables match the one that is being retired.

Where is the nearest mobile phone store to me?

You can use the listings to find a local mobile store. Just type in ‘mobile phone store’ along with your location, and you will be presented with a list of nearby shops.

Can a phone shop repair my phone?

Major chain phone retailers have every incentive to sell you a new phone rather than repair an existing one. If you are looking for a repair shop, then you might track down an independent one that can crack open the device and take a look at what has gone wrong. Given that mobile phones are so ubiquitous, the chances are that your fault will have been encountered and fixed before!

Where can I find independent mobile phone shops?

If you are looking for bargains and specialised services, then independent mobile phone stores might be the way to go. They are exactly the kind of stores that the listings make a great match for.

What mobile phone should I buy?

If you are shopping for a new phone, then you might be overwhelmed by the available choices. So which mobile phone is worth the money, and which one is not? It depends on your relationship with your phone. If the latest cutting-edge features are important to you, then you might spend several hundred pounds extra on something that has come out recently. If you would rather save the money, then an older model might be just as capable.

Where to buy mobile phone accessories?

You can pick up mobile phone accessories online from a variety of retailers, large and small. Make sure that the accessories you are considering are a match for the phone you have in mind – if that phone cover is too big or too small, you will have to send it back, which might be an unnecessary and expensive hassle.