Mobile Hairdressers

1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

What is a mobile hairdresser?

A mobile hairdresser is a type of hairdresser that, rather than operating from a fixed premise, will arrive wherever there is hair to be cut. Mobile hairdressers typically do their work in their customer’s houses, which can be very convenient if you cannot make time to go to the hairdressers.

How much does a mobile hairdresser charge?

You might expect a mobile hairdresser to charge upwards of £20 for a men’s haircut, and £35 for women . More advanced colouring treatments might command significantly more, and there is considerable variation across the country. In London, you can expect to pay more than you might elsewhere.

What to expect from a mobile hairdresser

Mobile hairdressers tend to be former salon hairdressers who have made the switch to mobile because it suits them better. They will cut your hair in much the same way – all that you will need to provide is a suitable chair. Most mobile hairdressers will cut your hair in the kitchen, where the lack of a carpet will make the clean-up operation that much easier.

How to find a mobile hairdresser?

You can easily look for a local hairdresser using the listings. Use your current location to find someone nearby and look for positive reviews from other users. You might also get a reference from someone you know – the chances are good that you already know someone who gets their hair cut in this way.

If you are inviting a stranger into your house to cut your hair, then it is important that you feel comfortable with them. Your haircut is not going to be a pleasant experience if you do not!

Do mobile hairdressers bring the tap attachment?

There are certain pieces of equipment that you can expect from a salon, but which a mobile hairdresser will typically be unable to provide. One of them is the tap attachment – if you need your hairdresser to wash your hair, then you should be prepared to have to put your head over your sink.

Of course, this varies from mobile hairdresser to mobile hairdresser. Ask the question and you might be pleasantly surprised!

Do you tip a mobile hairdresser?

The overwhelming majority of mobile hairdressers are self-employed and will set their prices according to how valuable they think their services are. Most will therefore not expect you to tip. If your hairdresser goes out of their way to provide an excellent service, however, they are not going to say no to a little bit of extra cash.

How does a mobile hairdresser colour and rinse your hair?

A mobile hairdresser will typically apply colour in the same way that they would in the salon, except they will be doing it over the sink. They will bring all their own equipment, including towels, so you will not need to worry about your own stuff getting ruined. Before getting the colour, a mobile hairdresser might want to discuss your options with you and insist that you get an allergy test before proceeding.