Minibus Hire

11 October 2023 – 2 Minute Read

How much is mini bus hire?

Mini bus hire costs around £100 an hour , but prices vary from company to company so you could see a big difference depending on the vehicle. The large variation comes from the size of the mini bus and the length of time you hire a mini bus. Additionally, where you are hiring the mini bus from and what time of year it is will have a large impact on the final cost. For example, if you hire a mini bus in London around Christmas time, you can expect to pay a premium on top of a company’s usual fares.

Can anyone drive a hired mini bus?

If you hire a mini bus for personal use and are not taking fares, anyone with a full UK driving licence can drive a hired mini bus as long as they are 21 years and older, and the mini bus does not weigh more than 3.5 tonnes. The mini bus can carry up to 16 passengers. However, if you are over 70 and want to hire a mini bus in the UK, and you are in the process of renewing a driving licence, you must order a D2 application form as well as have a D4 medical examination report completed by a doctor. Additionally, the final hiring out of a mini bus to a customer will always be at a company’s discretion.

Can you take alcohol on hired mini bus?

Most of the time, you can take alcohol on a hired mini bus and drink it. However, again, this is down to the discretion of the mini bus hire company as well as the driver. Additionally, drinking alcohol on the way to a sporting event is not allowed. Obviously, when hiring a mini bus, the driver must not be under the influence of alcohol at any time or above the legal limit.

How much is a deposit on a hired mini bus?

Deposits on hired mini buses vary according to the company used; however, you can expect to pay several hundred pounds. With some companies, you may find the deposit is as low as £200 but that can go up to £500 for others.

What licence is needed to hire a mini bus?

Generally, you will only need a normal car licence to hire a mini bus in the UK. However, the mini bus must have up to 16 seats and weigh less than 3.5 tonnes. You must also not tow a trailer with the mini bus on this level of licence. For any mini bus over the weight or passenger limit, you will need a specialist licence to hire a mini bus. All mini bus hire companies have the right to refuse you a vehicle according to their own terms and conditions.

What to do when hiring a mini bus?

Before approaching a mini bus hire company and hiring a mini bus, it is important to do your research for the best company on according to your needs and requirements. These will be determined by where you are hiring the mini bus from, where you are driving to, how many people you will be carrying and what the purpose of your journey is.