1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

How much does a launderette cost?

Launderette services can cost anything from £4 to £7 or more to use the washing machine. How much you can expect to pay considerably depending on the location, how big your load of laundry is and whether you need your laundry to be dried as well. Factor in an extra £2-£3 for drying and other special services like ironing and dry cleaning.

How long do launderette machines take?

It can take on average between 30 to 45 minutes to do a single load of laundry. If you have access to a large machine, this can be quicker. If you have heavy items to launder like upholstery, shoes and curtains some machines will have special settings for each item separately. It will take almost an hour to get a load of laundry to dry, so set aside at least two hours of your day to visit a launderette.

Where is my nearest launderette?

You can find the nearest launderette in your area by searching on . Here you will find an extensive directory of launderette and cleaning services across the UK. While these companies offer a wide variety of different washing and cleaning services many also provide tailoring, repairs, alterations and ironing. Some launderette companies will also shampoo your mattresses, curtains, duvets and rugs. Contact individual retailers for more information about what products and services they offer.

How to use a launderette washing machine?

Contact your local launderette to find out whether it is self-service or whether they will take care of the washing for you. If it is self-service keep an eye out for instructions next to the machine and learn how to use it before you load your laundry. You can also ask an employer to help you out or look for a friendly customer who can show you what they’re doing as well. Pay attention to where you need to add the detergent, how to pay, how big a load you can add and what temperature to set the machine to.

Are launderettes hygienic?

As long as you take ample precautions, and if the launderette is regularly cleaned, it can be a safe and hygienic service to use. Try going at off-peak times to avoid a crowd. This will ensure that the launderette staff has time to service and clean the machines between use as well. Carry disinfectant wipes to sanitise all surfaces and the machine before you touch it, and wipe it down after you use it so that it is hygienic for the next person too.

Do you take your own washing powder to the launderette?

Many launderettes supply washing detergent and softener, and you can purchase some while you’re there. Most people prefer to carry their own choice of detergent when visiting a launderette.

Can a launderette provide a same day wash service?

Check with the launderette directly if it can provide a same-day wash service. You can do your laundry in most self-service launderettes within the same day if it is not too busy when you arrive.