1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

What services do landscapers provide?

Landscapers design, build and maintain private gardens and other outdoor spaces. Landscapers provide various services and basic gardening tasks including planting the following:

  • annual and perennial bedding plants
  • trees
  • shrubs
  • lawns

Landscapers also carry out other garden maintenance tasks, including:

  • pruning
  • mowing grass
  • fertilising
  • putting up fencing
  • laying decking
  • paving
  • placing artificial grass

Landscapers also offer garden waste removal and disposal services.

How much do landscapers charge per hour?

Landscapers typically charge from £20 to £40 per hour , depending on the location. Some landscapers prefer to charge per hour rather than by day, especially for specific jobs, such as grass cutting or weeding. However, other landscape gardeners choose to offer customers a fixed price for a specific job, like putting up fences or laying a patio or decking.

What time can landscapers start working?

Landscapers usually start work at around 8am. There's no official time that landscapers can begin work. However, it is generally accepted in most areas that 8am is an agreeable time for landscapers and gardeners to start work. This is especially the case if their duties involve the use of loud motorised equipment.

How often should landscapers come?

Landscapers should ideally come every two weeks or once a month. How often a landscaper is required depends on the particular garden and landscaping services they are providing. Lawns tend to need cutting every two weeks — especially in the spring and summer — to manage grass length and maintain the lawn's health. Other outdoor upkeep, such as fertilising and lawn feeding, is usually only done once or twice a year. Tree trimming is a semi-annual task.

Do garden landscapers work in the winter?

Yes, most garden landscapers work in the winter. There are still many services a garden landscaper can do during the winter including:

  • removal of garden waste
  • putting up or repairing fences 
  • laying patios
  • pruning trees and shrubs
  • removing fallen leaves 
  • protecting vulnerable plants from heavy frost

Do landscapers work in the rain?

Yes, landscapers do work in the rain. Apart from specific tasks, such as trimming and mowing, most gardening work can continue when there is light rain. During heavy downpours, it may become impossible to carry on with some landscaping work, especially paving if the ground is saturated.

Where do landscapers dump grass?

Landscapers generally take grass cuttings to a specialist recycling centre. Many local recycling centres do not accept commercial waste, even if it has come from gardening work carried out at a domestic property. As specialist recycling facilities have a minimum charge, a landscaper may store the green waste until they have enough to visit the commercial recycling centre.

Do landscapers clean gutters?

Yes, some landscapers will clean gutters. Many landscapers provide gutter cleaning as part of their landscaping services. By using specialist tools, they will be able to clean out your gutters and, in some cases, may also be able to make repairs if required.

Do landscapers build fences?

Yes, landscapers do build fences. Most landscapers provide fence-building as part of their range of landscaping services. They will advise on the best style of fence to suit the outside area and offer various fencing options, such as timber or premium metal.