1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

Where to get keys cut near me

If you’re looking to get keys cut in your area, the best place to look is on . is an online business directory with all the necessary information you would need to find the best key cutting service in your area. Find customer reviews, contact numbers, opening hours and much more, all from using

How much does it cost to cut a key?

The cost of getting a key cut can be as little as £3 , but it can also cost you up to £30 . This is entirely depending on the kind of key you need cutting. Smaller keys such as filing cabinet keys will cost you this low price of £3 and will take less than 5 minutes to be completed. On the other end of the is the £30 key cutting service on a safe key that is double-sided/bitted. A more expensive key and will take anywhere between 10 minutes and an hour to be completed.

Can tenants get keys cut?

Tenants are well within their rights to get keys cut for the rented property they are living in. Some contracts may state that copies of keys cannot be made, but tenants are legally allowed to create duplicate keys in most cases. You can ask if you want the keys to be cut.

How do I get a car key cut?

There are a few ways that you can get your car key cut if you feel you need a spare or replacement. An auto locksmith can help you out, and so can your car insurance provider. Vehicle breakdown services may also provide this service as well as your local garage. The final way you can get your car key cut is by visiting the franchised car dealership of the make of car you own.

How to get a key cut without the original

If you need to get a key cut without using the original key, you will need the help of a specially trained locksmith. A locksmith can make keys by hand using a blank key and a file to create the ridges to fit your lock mechanism. This takes years of training and skill and can’t be completed by every locksmith.

Can you cut a broken key?

You can get your key cut from a broken or damaged key, as long as you have all the broken pieces of your key. Using the fractured pieces, your locksmith will find the correct blank key and cut a new key that can be used on the lock.

Can you get a key cut from a photo?

Yes, you can indeed get a key cut from using just a photo. Software will let you duplicate keys from using just a photograph then send the programmed image into a key cutting machine which will then cut you a new key that will fit your existing lock perfectly. Some people do not like using this method as it takes out the need for a locksmith making the profession not as relevant.