Italian Restaurants

31 January 2024 – 2 Minute Read

Which Italian restaurants are nearby?

If you are craving Italian food and looking for the ones closest to you, you can search on in your area or city. Most of these listings feature reviews and ratings from previous customers to help you make a decision. These restaurants offer a variety of Italian dishes and specialities to choose from such as pizzas, pasta and a variety of bread. If you’re looking for something specific you can contact the restaurant directly to inquire about their opening timings, gluten-free or vegan options, wine selection, party catering and business lunch specials.

How to eat bread in Italian restaurants?

Even though a lot of Italian restaurants serve bread when you sit at the table, it is customary to eat it along with your main meal and not in advance. If you are ordering a dish with starch like pizza or pasta, then bread does not go along with it. Bread can be eaten with other dishes like soup, meat, vegetables and salad.

Italians generally do not dip the bread in olive oil, but drizzle the top with it and then dip it into their main dish.

What to wear to an Italian restaurant?

Each Italian restaurant will have its own dress code of what is acceptable and what is not. Check with them directly to plan your outfit. If it is an expensive restaurant located in a hotel or is listed as fine dining, then you may be required to wear formal clothing. If it is a casual cafe with a relaxed surrounding, you can wear almost anything.

What to eat at an Italian restaurant on Weight Watchers?

Some basic tips of eating at an Italian restaurant while on Weight Watchers include:

  • Use oil and not butter
  • Soup and salads without dairy are good options
  • Add proteins like chicken or shrimp to your mains
  • Plain tomato sauce like marinara works well with most dishes
  • Eat antipasto in moderation

How to order at an Italian restaurant?

It is customary to order your choice of drink first, so you can order water or a glass of wine to begin with. For food, start with an antipasto that is the first course made up of pickled or cured meats, olives and various cheeses. Depending on how hungry you are, proceed to the first course of starch such as pasta or risotto, the second course of meat or fish and a side of salad or vegetables. After your meal you’ll be asked if you’d like dessert, coffee and a digestivi.

If you are struggling with an order, you can always ask your server for recommendations.

Do I tip in Italian restaurants?

Although it is not compulsory to tip at any restaurant in the UK, it is always appreciated. You can choose to tip any amount you like, but the standard is between 10-15% of your total bill.

Do any Italian restaurants do takeaway?

Many Italian restaurants do offer takeaway. It is best to call them directly to inquire about their takeaway and delivery services.