Indian Restaurants

1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

What can vegans eat at Indian restaurants?

There are many food options for vegans at Indian restaurants. From delicious starters, like onion bhaji and vegetable pakora, to main dishes including vegetable curries, and side dishes, like roti bread. Some Indian restaurants exclusively cater for those on a vegan diet. If you are a vegan looking to eat at an Indian restaurant, you should double-check the ingredients in creamy curries, such as tikka masala and korma, since cream is often used which is a dairy product. Tomato-based curries are usually safe for vegans as they do not contain cream or yogurt. If in doubt, always check with a member of staff who should be able to advise of any dietary needs.

What to eat at an Indian restaurant?

Deciding what to eat in an Indian restaurant can be tricky, especially if everything looks tasty. However, there are a few dishes you should try if you have never had Indian food before. Onion bhaji’s are a great starter and for the main dish, we recommend a biryani. Biryani is a rice dish that is typically prepared with meat, including lamb however, there are vegetarian options available, too. For dessert, we suggest a simple lassi, which is a milk drink designed to cool the palette after consuming spicy food. If you are looking for a curry dish to eat at an Indian and enjoy spice, we recommend you try a chicken or vegetable madras which is prepared with deep spices and a rich tomato sauce for a dish full of flavour.

Where's the nearest Indian restaurant?

If you are looking for a local Indian restaurant, visit . We list the best Indian restaurants near you. Whether you fancy a takeaway or a sit-down meal, can help you find the best local restaurant to you.

How many calories are in Indian restaurant food?

Some Indian food can be quite rich, making it high in calories. Many Indian curries contain cream, with a typical chicken tikka masala containing 1,250 calories. Indian bread side dishes can be calorific, too. Naan bread contains around 750 calories and a lot of starters are fried, making them fatty. 2 medium onion bhajis’ contain around 350 calories , based on a typical serving in an Indian restaurant. If you are watching the waistline, there are many lower calorie dishes you can still enjoy including rice, curries and grilled vegetables. Instead of choosing a naan, opt for a roti if you are trying to reduce your daily calorie intake.

Are all Indian restaurants halal?

No, not all indian restaurants are halal. In fact, the majority of Indian restaurants do not serve halal meat. Restaurants that do serve halal meat should specify so on the menu, however, if you have any concerns it could be worth contacting the restaurant prior to visiting. about eating halal meat you should contact the restaurant beforehand.