Horse Boxes

1 April 2022 – 3 Minute Read

How much is a horsebox to build and how much to hire one?

A horsebox costs an average of £23,000 plus VAT to build, in addition to chassis cost. The cost depends on the chassis age, model, mileage and box specification.

If you would prefer to hire a horsebox, prices start from £100 for 24 hours and go up to £300 for a long weekend. A long weekend could be from Friday – Saturday or Saturday – Monday, which typically includes Bank Holidays.

The rate includes driving the horsebox on weekdays, fully insured. It is important to return your horsebox in the condition in which it was collected to prevent being charged an additional fee.

What is a horsebox?

A horsebox is used to transport 1 horse and is usually towed by a large vehicle. It is important to distinguish it from a horse trailer which is used to transport multiple horses.

To clarify, a horsebox is a small, compact horse trailer used to transport a single horse.

Various horsebox companies on renovate, convert, build, fix, and hire out horseboxes. Some companies even offer part-exchange against new-builds .

How much does a horsebox weigh?

A horsebox normally weighs 3.5 tonnes . However, for 2 or more horses, you will usually require a 7.5-tonne horse trailer.

It is extremely important to consider the payload of the horsebox. That is to say, the amount of weight you can legally place inside it. To work out the horsebox’s payload, you can take it to your nearest weighbridge which is located in the majority of towns and industrial estates.

At the weighbridge, you will be presented with a print-out of the horsebox’s unladen weight.

To calculate the horsebox’s payload, you can:

  • Subtract its unladen weight from the horsebox’s total weight (3.5 tonnes or 7.5 tonnes)

You will now know your horsebox’s payload to work out how many horses you can legitimately transport.

Are horseboxes allowed to park on a street?

Yes, horseboxes are allowed to park on a street so long as they are insured and taxed correctly.

Are single horseboxes safe to tow?

Yes, single horseboxes are safe to tow as long as you have the right driving licence to tow it as well as the correct vehicle.

You will also require the appropriate license to tow a horse trailer and, depending on what trailer and towing vehicle you have, you will have to apply for a different category licence.

You can ascertain whether your vehicle can tow a horsebox safely by checking the MAM (Maximum Authorised Mass).

The licence categories include:

Category B license. You can tow a trailer with a MAM below 750kg. If you do tow a horsebox with a MAM above 750kg, you must make sure that:

  • Both the vehicles and trailer’s weights do not go above 3,500kg
  • The trailer’s weight does not go above the unladen weight of the towing vehicle. In other words, your horsebox cannot weigh more than the towing vehicle

Category B+E licence. This is the best license type for towed horsebox trailers as it enables you to pull a horsebox with a minimum MAM of 3,500kg

Category C1 license. This is useful for vehicles with a MAM over 3,500kg but less than 7,500kg.

You will also need to think about whether your current vehicle is suitable for pulling a horsebox. It is extremely dangerous to tow a horsebox using a vehicle that is too small or one that does not have enough power, especially in bad weather.

It is also worth considering that you will frequently go ‘off-road’ to access events or fields. So, make sure your towing vehicle can tackle difficult, muddy situations together with driving on tarmac roads.