Home Care Services

1 April 2022 – 3 Minute Read

What is home care?

Home care is professional support provided to clients by a registered practitioner but in the comfort of their own home. In many cases, home care takes the form of medical help but many carers will also assist with other things, such as transportation, admin or domestic tasks.

How much does in-home care cost?

In the UK, the general hourly rate for a home carer is £20 . If you employ your carer for 4 hours of support, the cost would come to £80 per day, or £480 for a 6-day week. If you would like to have a live-in carer, you will need to pay more. The cost for a live-in carer is in the region of £1,125 in the UK but this could vary depending on the complexity and amount of support you need.

Is home care means-tested?

If you would like help covering the cost of your home care, you will need to undergo a means test. In most cases, the government will help with costs if your personal savings are less than £23,250. Once the means test has been completed, your local authority will decide how much they will contribute based on your personal situation and the amount of savings you have.

Is private home care tax deductible?

In many cases, you will be able to apply for certain tax reliefs if you employ someone for private at-home care but this will depend on the specifics of your situation. If you think you might be eligible, contact your local council for personalised advice.

Why choose home care?

Home care is a great option for many reasons - it helps clients feel independent, it means they do not have to leave their community and it often costs much less than residential care homes. Many people benefit from being able to stay in their own home as it can reduce any anxiety or transportation issues caused by travelling to care appointments, and often means they can stay closer to family and friends. It also allows clients to tailor the care they receive to their own preferences or timetables.

Who is eligible for home care services?

You will not have to prove that you are eligible for home care. However, you will need to pass certain requirements if you want assistance with paying for home care. You can find more details about the home care means test above.

How to choose a home care package provider?

Firstly, you should decide on the type of care you would like and how often you wish to receive it so you can find a provider that specialises in this area. Next, start researching the agencies in your locality as anywhere farther afield may not have any carers close by. You can find an excellent selection on Yell.com .

Once you have a few providers in mind, double-check their client reviews and make sure they are registered with a home care regulator in the UK. When you are sure the providers have a good track record, schedule interviews with them and ask for more details about the packages they provide, how they can be tailored to you and how they train their carers. You can then make your final decision.

What are home care products?

Home care products are any items that can be used for personal or medical care in the home. They might include first aid supplies, toiletries or domestic cleaning products.