11 October 2023 – 2 Minute Read

How Much To Tip Hairdresser?

Leaving a hairdresser a 20% tip is the general rule of thumb if you are happy with all aspects of the service you have received. Most customers tip a minimum of 10% to hairdressers but some will tip as high as 30%. These figures can vary depending on the location of the hairdresser salon, as well as the type of hairdresser and the service received. Tipping is also completely at your discretion and while they are encouraged, they are not mandatory.

How Long Do Foils Take At The Hairdresser?

On average, foils will take 2 to 3 hours at the hairdressers. This can vary greatly depending on whether you have a full head or half head coloured, and the length of your hair. The individual hairdresser will also make a difference to the timings as a more experienced hairdresser will typically spend less time putting the foils in. Once all the foils have been applied, they will be left for roughly 30 minutes to process, depending on your hair and chosen colour.

How to Find a New Hairdresser?

Word of mouth and recommendations are some of the best ways to find a new hairdresser. Using a salon that someone you know has been satisfied with will give you more confidence in their abilities. You can also research local hairdressers online, read customer reviews and look at before-and-after photos on their website or Instagram.

How to Find the Right Hairdresser?

To find the right hairdresser for you, you first need to know what hairdresser services you want. Think about whether you are looking for a trim or a complete re-style. Find inspiration and images of hairstyles that you like and then look for a hairdresser with experience in that particular type of hair style. Have a look online for hairdressers local to you and do not be afraid to drop in and discuss the hairstyle you want.

Are Hairdressers Open On Bank Holidays?

Whether hairdressers are open on a bank holiday or not will vary depending on the salon. In general, most hairdressers are open on Saturdays but closed on Sunday and Monday. If a bank holiday falls on a Monday, it is likely that most hairdressers will not be open. Some salons choose to open for bank holidays but generally with reduced staff and shorter opening hours.

Can A Hairdresser Remove Hair Dye?

A hairdresser can remove hair dye depending on the colour and quality of the hair. Hairdressers may be able to strip colour from the hair but this all depends on the history of your hair and the result you want to achieve. Bleached or lightened hair cannot be stripped or removed; instead, the only option is for a hairdresser to apply a cover colour on top.

How to Leave Your Hairdresser?

To leave your hairdresser, you should be open and honest with them about your decision. Communication is key; so kindly thank them for their time and let them know you will not need their services again. Depending on the situation, you can leave your hairdresser without saying anything but if you have been visiting their salon for years, it is courteous to give them a heads-up.