Goldsmiths & Silversmiths

11 October 2023 – 3 Minute Read

Do goldsmiths buy watches?

Goldsmiths will buy watches but will likely only buy watches that are made with a substantial amount of gold. They are easy enough to find; you simply have to use to find a goldsmith near you that specialises in watches and are happy to buy stock from walk-ins. Calling them up directly with the contact details provided on the site is an easy way to ascertain if they will buy from you or not. Many only ever will, however, if the watch passes an extensive inspection and matches the standards they require.

Do goldsmiths buy jewellery?

Goldsmiths will buy jewellery but much like buying watches, they likely will only buy jewellery made of gold. However, many goldsmiths do tend to only buy jewellery or stock that is made predominantly with gold. If your jewellery is made from another precious metal, they may choose to say no. Again, use to find a goldsmith that will look at purchasing stock from walk-ins.

What does a goldsmith use?

A goldsmith will predominantly work with gold but will usually also be competent in using many other metals and precious stones. They will often be a specialised jeweller who creates jewellery mainly from the yellow metal, but need to have knowledge in other metals and stones to help make products that sell. Many goldsmiths will find that working just in plain gold all the time is too limiting.

Where is my nearest goldsmith? will be able to find your nearest goldsmith with ease. Using it, you will be able to find one that is close to you but also meets all your needs and requirements. Many people will need to see a goldsmith about jewellery or watches that contain many other parts that are more than just gold. Finding a goldsmith, for example, that is also able to insert gems into their jewellery as well as enlarge or resize a ring that has gems already inserted into the gold, is key to making sure your jewellery is not damaged during any work on it.

What does a silversmith do?

A silversmith is very similar to a goldsmith but as opposed to specialising in working in gold and making products with the yellow metal, they are more proficient in working with silver. Silver has different properties to gold, which is why it can be beneficial to use a silversmith as opposed to a goldsmith as they will have more expert knowledge when it comes to working with silver. While goldsmiths will often be able to work with silver as well, silversmiths will also be able to work with gold. Their experience levels in the different metals will be diverse so it can be better to use a silversmith for silver jewellery work, and a goldsmith for gold jewellery work.

How much does a silversmith charge?

How much a silversmith charges depends on the work to be done.  For simple engraving, you can expect to pay from £10 for up to 17 characters .  To restore silverware, how much it will cost depends on the item to be restored but the cost starts from £10, up to £120 . For bespoke silverware, a simple pendant in sterling silver will cost around £45 but other bigger or more complex pieces can rise up to £500 or more.