11 October 2023 – 3 Minute Read

How to find a good glazier

To find a good glazier for your job, search the Glazier directory for local services. You are best to phone around, compare quotes, and compile reviews from people who have already worked with each glazier in order to find the right tradesperson for your property and requirements. In the case of specialist glass or fittings, you may need to contact several glaziers to find one with the relevant experience.

Does a glazier need to be FENSA registered?

Although technically a glazier doesn’t need to be FENSA registered to operate in the UK, it is the easiest way to ensure that not only is the tradesperson is an expert in their field, but also that they adhere to building regulations and other legal standards and that they offer an insured warranty. A FENSA registered glazier will also ensure that your glass installation is properly registered and is a good indication of quality workmanship for peace of mind.

How much do glaziers charge?

How much glaziers charge depends on the job they’re completing, with variables including the size of the glass, the type of fitting required and the numbers of panes of glass. Often, glaziers charged per square metre. On average, you can expect to pay £140 per square metre for the delivery and installation of glass, £50 per square metre for the installation of HR++ insulation glass and £230 per square metre for stained glass. There may also be additional fees for more difficult installations, specialist glass types and if existing glass needs to be safely removed and disposed of. Glaziers will be able to offer a quote bespoke to your job requirements. Glaziers often work in pairs for safety reasons, so you may find labour costs a little higher than you’d expect to pay for one person.

Do glaziers fit blinds?

It is not the job of a glazier to fit blinds into a window or on a door. Blinds can be fitted either DIY by the homeowner, by a specialist installation technician from the blind sales store or manufacturer, or by a handyman. Fitting blinds is usually an uncomplicated job that can be done as a quick DIY job, but in the case of large or more complicated blinds, you may need to hire someone to fit them for you.

Do glaziers fit doors?

Whether or not a glazier will fit doors depends on their individual preferences, but most will fit a door with a large glass pane as required. If there is no glass in the door, or just a small glass panel, there would be no reason to hire a glazier to install the door over other any tradesperson.

Can a glazier put a cat flap in French doors?

Glaziers can fit a cat flap in to French doors or other glass panels, including single glazed and doubling glazed panels. It is best to contact them to discuss the job exactly and receive a tailored quote, which may involve the glazier requesting measurements and details of both the cat flap and the glass its to be inserted within. Unless you are yourself very experienced in working with glass, it is never recommended to insert a cat flap into the glass yourself – hiring a glazier for the job is the safest and easiest option.