Gift Shops

1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

What is a gift shop?

A gift shop is a retail store which primarily sells souvenirs, memorabilia or other items that relate to a specific area, attraction or theme. Gift shops are usually found in areas which are popular among tourists, including zoos, museums or holiday destinations. Most gift shops are small stores within another business, although sometimes they are standalone, independent shops on a high street.

What do gift shops sell?

Most gift shops sell similar items, no matter where the gift shop is located. They generally sell small, novelty items which can be given as gifts or kept as souvenirs to commemorate a visit. Popular gift shop products include decorative mugs, greeting cards, post cards, ornaments, clothing, fridge magnets, candles, books and more. Gift shops in popular tourist destinations will sell products that are related to that place or attraction. For example, a gift shop in a zoo is likely to sell toy animals, whereas a gift shop at a holiday destination will likely sell postcards.

Where is my nearest gift shop?

Your nearest gift shop can be found by searching the Yell online directory . You can search for your nearest gift shop by town or postcode and see the stores which are closest to you. You can even look at the nearest gift shops on a map and filter down by category, such as candle shops or greeting card stores. Yell also provides details of each shop, as well as reviews from previous customers.

Are gift shops open all year round?

Whether or not a gift shop is open all year round will depend on where the gift shop is. Some gift shops in popular holiday destinations will only open during the tourist seasons, and close when the resort is very quiet. Gift shops in attractions such as theme parks and museums will usually be open for the same hours as the attraction, so if the attraction is open all year, the gift shop will be too. There are also some gift shops which are open specifically for Christmas and will only be open around this time of year.

Are gift shops expensive?

Gift shops are sometimes more expensive than other stores, but this is usually because everything they are selling is branded to a specific attraction or place. In a regular store you might buy a plain mug for a couple of pounds, but in a gift shop a mug could cost £5 to £10 because it is branded and decorated. Not only that, but gift shops are sometimes more expensive because they are the only stores in an area with a lot of footfall. This means they are able to charge higher prices without the threat of cheaper competition.

Are gift shops all independent?

The majority of gift shops are independent, because they are usually standalone stores in a specific location or attraction. There is little demand for nationwide or chain gift shops, because their products are related to their location. Gift shops inside attractions are often not independent, but a part of the business it is within, for example a gift shop at an aquarium will be a part of the whole aquarium instead of an independent business.