Gas Engineers

1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

How much do gas engineers charge per hour?

Gas engineers charge from around £40 per hour . This might include a minimum callout fee. The amount you pay will depend heavily on where in the country you are. In Central London, the price might be much higher than you might pay elsewhere.

How many gas safe registered engineers in UK?

As of 2018, there are around 140,000 engineers on the Gas Safe Register, collectively representing 76,000 businesses. These figures have increased since the organisation first came to be in 2009.

Can all Gas Safe engineers repair gas ovens and hobs?

Yes, Gas Safe engineers are able to repair gas ovens and hobs.  If an engineer is on the Gas Safe Register, they are legally qualified to repair gas ovens and hobs. If there is a problem that requires that the unit to be replaced, an engineer will be able to test and advise accordingly.

Can gas engineers do PAT testing?

Yes, gas engineers can to PAT testing.  Portable Appliance Testing refers to the examination of electrical appliances. The person performing these tests, according to the HSE , needs to be competent to do it and should have a background in electrical safety. There is often an overlap between Gas Safe engineers and competence with PAT testing, but it is worth checking with your engineer. Note that PAT testing is not compulsory unless it is a rental property or as workplace.

Can gas engineers fit electric boilers?

A gas engineer is not able to fit an electric boiler.  This should be fitted by a qualified electrician. However, if the old boiler to be removed is a gas boiler, this will need to be done by a Gas Safe registered engineer as the flue and condensate pipes will also need to be removed, as well as the gas inlet being capped.

Can Gas Safe engineers work on underground pipes?

Gas safe engineers will be able to work on underground pipes and can advise how these pipes might be safely and legally concealed. Practical concerns, like access for repairs and the long-term prospect of concrete eating into the pipe, might be raised at this point.

Do gas engineers charge for quotes?

In most cases, an engineer will be able to provide you with a free quote. In the long run, this tends to work in their favour, as it means more referrals and ultimately, more business. A customer is not only more likely to hire the engineer if the quote is free, they are also more likely to consider them for future work, and recommend them to friends and family.

Do gas engineers charge more on weekends?

Generally, gas engineers tend to charge more on weekends. This is because the supply of labour is lower (there are fewer engineers working). Expect to pay around 20% more to have a gas engineer work over the weekend. This also applies if you need a Gas Safe engineer at very short notice, such as carrying out emergency repairs.