Garden Furniture

1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

Where to buy garden furniture?

You can buy garden furniture from specialist retailers on . Here you will find an extensive directory of retailers who specialise in furniture and ornaments for the garden, in cities across the UK. While these companies sell a wide variety of different furniture, accessories and play equipment, many also provide plants and shrubs, gifts, fountains and summer houses. Some companies will also do certain cleaning and restoration activities to make your garden look beautiful. Contact the individual retailer for more information about the products and services they offer.

When is the best time to buy garden furniture?

One of the best times to look for garden furniture is early spring. This way, you have a few good months to browse, shop and compare your findings before you need garden furniture for summer. Autumn and winter is also a good time to buy garden furniture as they will most likely be cheaper because it is off-season. Stores will usually be clearing out their old stock at low prices to make room for next season’s intake.

Which garden furniture is best?

Metal furniture is strong, durable and lasts for many years. Some people choose to invest in wrought iron furniture that stays with them for decades, however, these are very heavy and if not looked after well, can rust. Aluminium furniture is lighter and requires very little maintenance. If the aluminium furniture has been coated with polish or paint, it will be protected from rust as well.

How to protect wooden garden furniture?

Wooden garden furniture is a great choice for the garden and is very popular across the UK. The best way to protect wooden garden furniture is to keep it clean and dry at all times. Brush each item down thoroughly after use and you can add a layer of wood protector, too. When not in use, bring the furniture indoors, if possible. If you do not have room inside then cover the furniture with clean cotton bed sheets to protect them from the weather and harsh conditions.

Which oil is best for garden furniture?

The first thing to do is check if your wooden garden furniture has already been finished with oil, and which oil was used. It is better to stick with the same type of oil after that. If you are not sure which oil was used, clean the furniture as thoroughly as possible and then furnish with any oil of your choice. Danish oil is popular and will protect your wooden furniture from harsh sunlight and moisture. Teak oil is also a very good choice as it is resistant to most weather conditions and water. You can also use Tung oil or any other branded furniture oil that your supplier recommends.

Is rattan garden furniture weatherproof?

Most rattan garden furniture is weatherproof, making it a popular choice for outdoor furnishing across the world. However, if your rattan furniture has other elements, like cloth cushions, wooden legs or metal knobs, you will need to take extra care that these parts do not get damaged in extreme weather.