Garage Services

1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

Can you drive a car without an MOT to a garage?

No, it is illegal to drive a car without an MOT to a garage. However, there is one exception and that is if you have a pre-booked MOT test and if stopped, you can prove this. In addition, you can legally drive a car without an MOT to the garage if you have an appointment with a garage to repair the car.

Can I service my car at any garage?

Yes, you can get your car serviced at any garage of your choice. It is entirely up to you where you have your car serviced. This also applies to new cars bought from a main dealership even if they are still under warranty with that dealership. However, if the car is being repaired and you are claiming under the warranty, you may have to have had the car serviced at the dealership to successfully claim.

Do garages charge to look at your car in the UK?

A garage is perfectly entitled to charge for preparing an estimate for repair work to your car, even if you choose not to have them carry out the work. However, the charge must be agreed upon with you beforehand.

Do garages charge for courtesy cars?

Legally, garages don’t need to provide a courtesy car while they are fixing yours. If they do, they can charge for it, or at least the petrol and insurance costs. If you have comprehensive insurance and are claiming on the insurance following an accident, you’ll usually be covered for a free courtesy car.

Can a garage sell my car?

If you have taken your car to a garage and given them the relevant documentation, i.e. the logbook, they can legally sell your car for you.

Are car garages open on bank holidays?

It depends on the garage whether they decide to open on an official bank holiday. Small, independent garages often take time off whereas the larger garages have more staff so they often opt to remain open.

Can a garage scrap my car?

A garage can agree to scrap your car but only with your permission. You’ll need to sign documentation allowing them to do this and prove that you are the registered owner of the car by showing them the car’s V5 registration document or proof of identity, such as a driving licence or passport.

What if a garage damages my car?

If damage is caused to your car while it’s in the possession of a garage, they will be responsible for carrying out the repair. This should be at no additional cost to yourself. Or, if you decide to go elsewhere, they will need to pay for the repair at the garage of your choice.

Can a garage refuse to release your car?

A garage can refuse to return your car if you don’t pay them for work they have completed. This is because the garage has what’s called ‘a lien’ over your car, which gives them the right to legally keep your car until the bill is settled.