Football Clubs

1 April 2022 – 3 Minute Read

How to join a local football club?

Joining a local football club will vary according to the club, though in general you will simply need to either compete in try-outs or be happy to regularly turn up to sessions having paid a membership fee. Call your potential club directly and they will be happy to walk you through their sign-up procedure.

How good do you have to be to play at a football club?

Football clubs will have varying levels of skill required to join them. Many, however, will want you to have a basic level of skill on the pitch along with good knowledge of the rules of the game. However, many local football clubs will conduct their own training to bring you up to the same standard as everyone else who has joined. In the main, they will also simply want enthusiasm and dedication.

What is my local football club?

Use to find your local football club. Type in your postcode to the site's query box while searching for local football clubs and you should easily be able to find your most local side. In doing so, you’ll be able to complete easy research to find a local football club that answers your wants and needs. For example, if you are looking for a football club with kids’ teams as well as training for adults, you will be able to find that easily through searching on

Do you have to pay to play for a local football club?

You will often have to pay a fee to a local football club to play at it. However, it will not be a huge sum - often it will be as low as £5 on average every game . It is to cover training costs and the hire of pitches or similar.

How often do you play at a football club?

While every football club's training schedule will vary, you can expect to play at a football club at the minimum of twice a week. Once will be a game, while the other time will be training. Many clubs will run more training sessions however, trying to get everyone’s level of skill and general fitness up to a high standard.

Do football clubs train on the weekends?

Some football clubs may train at the weekend, but much of the time, this will be when clubs play against other teams. As a result, they will not want to train as they will not want to tire out their players. Instead, they will want their players to be well rested so that they can play to the best of their abilities.

Are football clubs companies?

Technically speaking, football clubs are companies as it has an income and as well as outgoings. However, many would argue they are more than just that and are, instead, a community asset that helps encourage community spirit. Plus, many do not make an actual profit so that some may argue they are a not-for-profit organisation.

How to get a trial at a football club?

Getting a trial at a football club will depend specifically on the football club you have in mind, but in general you can expect to need to turn up to trials that the club has set up. Or you can call them and ask if you can attend their training sessions to see if you are both a good fit for one another.