1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

What do florists sell?

Florists mostly sell flower arrangements for different occasions. This includes bouquets, wreaths, wedding or party decorations and wearable items, like corsages and buttonholes. Many florists also sell house plants, plant pots and gardening or flower arranging accessories, like vases or clippers. You might also find florists that sell cards or small gifts that can be sent with bouquets.

How do I find a wedding florist?

You can find a wedding florist on . When you search with, you will be able to view the services that each florist offers, and read past client reviews. This way, you will be able to see what different businesses offer in your area and choose the perfect florist for your wedding day.

How much does a florist cost for a wedding?

The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners states that the average cost of a wedding florist is £1,200 per wedding . Keep in mind that the cost of your wedding flowers can be affected by different factors. For example, if you want out-of-season flowers, they will often be more expensive as they are harder to source.

How much should you tip a wedding florist?

In the UK, tipping your wedding florist is not standard practice. If you were particularly pleased with your wedding flowers and want to say thank you, a tip of 10% is appropriate.

When should you book a florist for a wedding?

In general, you should try to book your florist 6 months before your wedding. You will need to tell the florist your exact wedding date so, you may want to book with them as soon as you have secured your venue to make sure you are not disappointed.

What time do florists usually deliver?

When you order flowers, the florist will usually deliver at a time, or time frame, specified by you, according to your choice. The more notice you give your florist, the more likely they will be able to deliver at the time you specify. Most florists aim to deliver by 7pm as flowers can wilt if they are out of water all day. If you are having wedding flowers delivered, your florist will deliver very close to your ceremony time so that everything is as fresh as possible.

Will florists deliver to graves?

Yes, many florists will deliver to graves and some will send you a photo once they have delivered. Most florist services are very flexible so ask them directly if you would like them deliver flowers to a grave for you.

Does a florist have to tell you who sent flowers?

No, they do not. If the sender has asked to stay anonymous, the florist cannot give you their personal information.

What do florists do with unsold flowers?

As cut flowers do not last long, florists will dispose of unsold flowers in different ways. Some might turn them into bouquets and sell them for a lower price at the end of the day, whilst others might donate them to hospitals and care homes. Some florists may simply throw them away or give them to family and friends.