Fencing Materials

1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

Where to buy fencing materials

If you are looking to buy fencing materials, you can search ‘fencing materials’ on Yell.com , in your desired location. If you can’t find anything suitable in your local area, you can always expand your search to cover a greater distance or search for online deliveries. It is a good idea to look at the different options available to you before you decide, as prices will vary. Try to find the best deal both for value and price. You may even want to check reviews on social media or the website of the fencing materials company.

What materials are legally usable for fencing gardens in the UK?

You can use a range of materials for your fencing, and your choice will depend on what suits your property best and the durability. Some of the potential materials you may wish to choose include wood, timber, concrete, metal, wire and steel.

How high can a garden fence be?

The standard height of a garden fence , permitted by law, is 2 metres. There are some restrictions on this though. If the fence is facing a road, it is further forward than the front or side of your house, is out of the boundary of your grounds or it is in a conversation area, it must not be higher than 1 metre.

How much to supply and fit fence panels?

It can cost an average of £700 to £1,000 for a tradesperson to supply and install fencing , but it will depend on the type of material and fencing used. Most people will opt for wood, but there are a range of other options, depending on your taste and needs.

How close can a shed be to a fence?

There are no legal requirements for how close your shed can be to the fence: however, there are some considerations. If you put the shed close to the fence, there is the potential for damp. It is advisable to keep the shed close to a paved path as this keeps it away from water capture areas. You should try to keep it far from trees and also consider your neighbours. Make sure your shed is not too near their fence, or they may not be too happy!

Which side of the fence is my responsibility?

You have responsibility for the side of the fence that has visible posts. You would need to maintain the side of the fence that you have responsibility for. It is important that you do so as the fence belongs to both yourself and your neighbour, and if you leave your side without any maintenance, you may have to deal with some disgruntled neighbours.

How deep to dig fence posts

You may be wondering how deep you should dig your fence posts . The general rule to stick by is to divide the height of the fence by 3 to find the hole depth. You should ensure the width of the post hole is three times the diameter of the post.