Farm Buildings & Equipment

31 January 2024 – 2 Minute Read

Do farm buildings need planning permission?

In the UK, farm buildings need planning permission to be constructed except under certain circumstances. If your farm is 5 hectares or more in size, you have the right to erect, extend or alter a building on your land but only for some development types. No matter the size of your farm, it is always recommended that you check with local planning authorities before embarking on any building projects.

Are farm buildings classed as a commercial property?

Farm buildings can be classed as either commercial or agricultural property and in the UK, the latter is more common. Farm buildings that are classed as commercial property include farm shops and any reuse of an agricultural building that does not fit into its existing planning criteria. It is always recommended that the legal property type is clarified with the local planning authority before any farm building is repurposed or erected.

Who builds farm buildings near me?

To find a specialist farm building construction firm, search the directory and filter by geographical area. Specialist farm builders are not as common as standard construction firms so you may find they are willing to travel further than you would usually expect.

How much does a farm building cost to build?

The cost to build a farm building depends on the type of building being constructed.  A temporary portable building will start from around £2,000 for 6m, increasing to about £7,000 for buildings measuring 24m or more .  For a 3.6m x 6m wooden building, expect to pay from £3,000 to £4,000.  Steel farm buildings are not as expensive and start from £500 for a kit that you can put together yourself.  Custom built steel buildings will cost more, from around £2,000.  If you want any extras, such as roller shutter doors or windows, you will need to budget accordingly.

Can farm buildings be used for industrial property?

In order for farm buildings to be used for industrial property, permission would need to be sought from the local planning authority. It is not common for farm buildings to be designated for industrial usage but with little precedent, each case for permission will be judged on its merits by the relevant body.

Can I convert farm buildings to residential?

Lots of farm buildings have been converted to residential property in recent years but to do so, the landowner must seek permission from the local planning authority. Developments should remain modest in stature and true to the environment around them to be considered. For reclassification to a residential building for those who already live or work on the farm, the likelihood of acceptance is high.

How much does farm equipment cost?

Farm equipment does not come cheap but there are so many different pieces of farm equipment that it varies hugely. Davidsons Farm & Country, a supplier, offer trailers from £958 and weighing systems from £870 .

Why is farm equipment so expensive?

Farm equipment is expensive for many reasons. It needs to last a long time and through all weathers so quality must be high, and as heavy duty as possible. With agriculture declining in popularity, there are fewer manufacturers of farming equipment than ever before so increasing amounts of it are imported.