Estate Agents

1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

How to choose an estate agent

To find the right estate agent for you, first browse the relevant directory to find appropriate firms local to you. From here, start visiting their websites, researching them online and calling around to find an estate agent that offers the services you need and operates in the area you need them to.

How to deal with estate agents when buying

When you’re buying a property, you will have to deal with the estate agent who is responsible for the sale. It is worth letting several estate agents local to the area you wish to move to what it is you’re looking for so that they’re able to contact you when something appropriate comes onto the market. Ask plenty of questions and don’t be afraid to compare and contrast properties. Once the purchase has been agreed and is being processed, is always recommended that you stay in contact with the estate agents regularly for updates or have your solicitor do so.

Can estate agents tell you other offers in the UK?

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, there is no law governing the disclosure of other offers being made on a property. Although it is not common practice for them to disclose figures upfront, estate agents may guide you to where you can find the information elsewhere. In Scotland, the law is different and other offers will not be disclosed to any potential buyers.

What do estate agents do when reference checking?

The reference checks carried out by estate agents vary between companies, but usually, they look into and confirm the following details:

  • A credit check
  • Employment details
  • Previous tenancy details
  • An address check.

How much do estate agents charge?

Exactly how much an estate agent charges depends on their business’ fee structure and what services they are carrying out for you. Most estate agents will provide at least an indicative quote ahead of any job being completed.

When do you pay estate agent fees?

When buying or selling a home, estate agent’s fees are usually payable upon completion of the sale – and are often paid directly by the solicitor without buyer or seller interaction required. However, many online estate agencies charge their fees upfront, so the due date for payments should always be checked ahead of time.

Can you negotiate estate agent fees?

Many estate agencies will negotiate on fees dependent on the transaction being carried out, but some (primarily large chain estate agents) do have a set fee scale that they stick to. It is always worth asking to negotiate and doing so with more than one agency to ensure a good deal is reached.

Do estate agents do viewings on Sundays?

Many estate agents do now carry out viewings of properties on Saturdays, Sundays and in the evenings. Although not common practice until fairly recently, the likelihood of a buyer or tenant working Mon-Fri 9-5 now means that most estate agents are more flexible in their viewing schedules and will work around the client rather than the other way around.