Double Glazing Repair

1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

How much to repair a double-glazed window?

Double glazing repairs can cost anywhere from £50 to £500 , with some jobs costing even more. This is because double glazing repairs can vary hugely, from a simple handle replacement to multiple large repairs. The cost of your double-glazed window repair will depend on what you need doing, the extent of the damage, the type of window you have and your location. You may find it is cheaper to replace the window entirely.

Are double-glazed windows worth repairing?

Yes, it is worth repairing double-glazed windows if you can. While there are some faults and types of damage that an expert will not be able to repair, many double-glazing problems can be solved. Not only is repairing a window usually cheaper than paying for a complete replacement, it is often a much quicker job.

Can a chip in a double-glazed window be repaired?

Yes, a chip in a double-glazed window can be repaired. This will depend on the size, depth and location of the chip. However, it is not always possible or cost effective and you may need a complete window replacement. A double glazing repair company might be able to repair a small chip or crack, but greater damage is likely to mean you will need a new window.

Can leaking double glazing be repaired?

Yes, leaking double glazing can be repaired. If the problem is not too extensive, a double-glazing expert might be able to repair the problem and stop the leak. If the leak is too severe or too difficult to fix, a replacement window is likely to be your best option.

Can blown double glazing be repaired?

Yes, blown double glazing can be repaired as this is a fairly common problem. When the seal between the two panes of glass fails, moisture can get into the double glazing and cause condensation. This is referred to as the glass being ‘blown’, creating a misty window. It is possible to repair this by removing any moisture and resealing the window — something that a professional double glazing company can do.

Can you repair misted double-glazed windows?

Yes, you can repair misted double-glazed windows. If the misting is on the outside of the glass and inside the home, you need to increase the amount of ventilation in the room. This will prevent moisture becoming trapped in the room, which leads to misting. If the misting is in between the two panes of glass, an expert can often remove this moisture and reseal the window to stop it from happening again.

Can you repair seals on double glazing?

Yes, you can repair seals on double glazing. Seals can be a weak point in a double-glazing system. Double glazing experts will be experienced as dealing with faulty seals. It is sometimes possible to replace the seal without replacing the entire window. There are a number of reasons why a seal may be faulty, but a lot of the time this problem can be fixed by an expert.