Domestic Removals & Storage

1 April 2022 – 3 Minute Read

How to pack for removals?

To pack for removals, wrap items carefully and put them in solid and sturdy boxes. Ensure that you pack the boxes so that the contents will not rattle, bulge outwards, or bend inwards. Pack heavy items into small boxes and try to keep the weight of boxes to a minimum. Important documents such as marriage and birth certificates should be packed together and kept in a safe place.

How long do removals take?

Removals will take around 8 to 9 hours for a three-bedroom house. The time it takes to complete a thorough house move will depend on the size of the property, the distance between the two properties, and the number of removal people involved in the removals. Removal time also includes packing by the removal professionals and any required furniture disassembly and assembly.

Which removal service should I choose?

You can find reliable removal services in your area on . You can also ask local friends and family for recommendations and check online for independent reviews of removal companies. Look at the removal company's website to find out long they have been in business, and look at photos to see the size and condition of their removal vehicle.

How much do removals cost?

Removals costs around £400 for a 1-bedroom property, up to over £1,200 for a 5-bedroom home . The removal cost depends on the size of the property, the amount of stuff to move and how far it needs to be transported. There may also be additional costs such as packing by the removals company and overnight storage at their warehouse.

Do you tip removal staff?

Giving a tip to removal staff is entirely up to you. If you are pleased with the removal service, you may wish to tip them. However, it is not obligatory. People who do tip removal staff tend to give a tip ranging from £5 to £10 per removal person.

What are the sizes of storage units?

The size of storage units can start as small as 9sq ft lockers and go up to 200sq ft units and above. Most storage facilities offer units of 25sq ft (garden shed), 50sq ft (1-bed house), 100sq ft (2-bed house), 125sq ft (3-bed house), 200sq ft (4-bed house or double garage).

Can you keep cars in storage units?

Yes, you can keep cars in storage units. Some storage units will accommodate a vehicle. A car can be driven up to the unit and safely and securely stored for the desired duration.

Do storage units have lights?

No, most storage unit facilities do not have lights inside the individual units. The lights in a storage facility are usually only just outside the unit and in the hallways. Some storage sites provide a timed lighting switch in 100sq ft and 150sq ft units and above.

Do storage units have cameras?

Yes, storage units have cameras. Most storage unit facilities use 24-hour CCTV cameras to monitor the site. Some storage unit facilities also have alarms, perimeter fencing and sensor lighting for additional security.

What is the price of storage units?

The price of storage units starts at £10 to £18 per week for a 25sq ft unit. The cost depends on the size of the storage unit. A 50sq ft unit can cost between £21 and £60 per week. A 100sq ft unit ranges from £40 to £70 a week, while a 200sq ft unit costs in the region of £72 to £280 per week.