Dog Walking

31 January 2024 – 2 Minute Read

How much do dog walkers charge?

Dog walkers’ charges vary between services –some dogs can be walked in a group while others should not be. Charges for dog walks are usually per hour, often with additional fees for other services, such as transport, boarding or training. listed provider Walk This Way charges £12.50 per hour, per dog, for group walks , and from £20 per hour, per dog, for individual walks.

How many dogs do dog walkers walk?

The National Association of Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers suggest walking no more than 4 dogs at the same time in a group, but there is no set legal limit. It is not recommended that more than 4 are walked at the same time as it can be difficult to control more than that, even for the most experienced of walkers.

Do you tip dog walkers?

In the UK, it is not customary to tip a dog walker for their service if you are already paying them a set fee. However, if you feel the job has been well done, you may wish to round up the amount to the nearest pound.

What to give a dog walker for Christmas?

Dog walkers spend a lot of time on their feet so if you are buying a Christmas gift for your dog walker, why not make it something to help them relax? For example, a voucher for a pedicure or a film, some nice bubble bath or a big box of chocolates are all good Christmas gift ideas.

How do dog walkers get in the house?

If the dog owner is not home (which is often the case as they have hired a dog walker), dog walkers normally get into the house using a key left for them. If a dog owner is not comfortable with giving out their key, they can leave one with a neighbour or arrange for someone else to let them in.

How to find a dog walker in my area?

To find a dog walker local to you, search the directory and filter by geographic area.

How long do dog walkers walk dogs?

Dog walkers know that not all dogs can be walked long distances and so most offer half hour, an hour and longer services to fit a dog and owner’s preferences.

Are dog walkers safe?

To ensure the dog walker you are choosing is safe, ask for proof of their insurance and qualifications. Dog walkers insurance should include third-party liability as well as emergency vet cover to operate as safely as possible.

Do I need a dog walker every day?

Most dog walkers prefer to take on new dogs to walk every day but many clients opt for just once or twice a week. Although there is no set contract to sign, some dog walkers only take on regular repeat customers with a minimum commitment, fitting in one-off or occasional walks around more regular work. Most breeds of dog should be walked at least once a day so if you are not able to commit to this, hiring a dog walker is the next best thing.