DIY Stores

1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

Where is the nearest DIY store?

To find your nearest DIY store, browse the directory by location and use the map feature to find the one physically closest to you.

What DIY store?

DIY stores come in all shapes, sizes and types – from large chain superstores in out-of-town retail parks to small, independently-run shops in residential neighbourhoods. If you are looking for a specific piece of equipment or think you may need advice on exactly what to buy, it is best to phone ahead and check that the DIY store you are planning on visiting has what you need. Staff in DIY stores tend to be well-qualified and experienced in household matters so should be able to help make recommendations and give advice according to your DIY job.

What do DIY stores sell?

DIY stores sell household hardware products for home improvement by residents. These include basic building materials, power tools, hand tools, locks, keys, hinges, chains, plumbing supplies, electrical supplies, cleaning products, paint and garden products. Most are aimed at homeowners making home improvements and stock tools as well as equipment that are suitable for use by amateurs, but some also supply wholesale and professional products to those in building industries. Many DIY stores also offer specialist supplies, such as plants and nursery products, pet food, homebrew supplies and even canning supplies.

Do DIY stores deliver?

Many DIY stores do deliver, particularly for large products that may not be easily transportable once you have left the shop. Contact your local DIY store to find out more on their delivery options and the radius within which they deliver. Where large chain shops may deliver nationwide, smaller businesses are more likely to only deliver locally.

Do DIY stores offer click and collect?

Some DIY stores do offer click and collect, where they have an appropriate online shop. That said, because of the variety of stock that DIY stores hold, it is not always easy for them to present their full range online. For smaller stores or specialist products, it is best to contact the store and ask if they will reserve the item for you for later collection, as it is unlikely their whole range will be available online.

Are DIY stores open on New Year's Day?

Some DIY stores do open on New Year's Day, as bank holidays are popular times for people to make home improvements and get odd jobs done. For the opening hours of your local DIY store, check online or phone ahead and ask. Stores with wholesale operations to the building industry are more likely to be open on New Year’s Day as they may be required to supply emergency stock to plumbers, builders, electricians and other commercial specialists.

Are dogs allowed in DIY stores?

Guide dogs are allowed in all stores in the UK. However, many DIY stores have a ‘guide dog only’ policy as they have so much stock out that can be easily knocked or damaged by a dog. If you are unsure and want to take your dog with you, phone ahead to ask.