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31 January 2024 – 2 Minute Read

How much does an oven repair cost?

The cost of an oven repair is variable and can be charged as a one-off fee or as a monthly charge for an insurance or guarantee subscription. British Gas, who offer repairs to ovens, start gas oven repair services at £95 plus a monthly cost, or £99 plus a monthly cost for electric ovens . It is not uncommon for gas oven repairs to cost more in labour than electric oven repairs as only a certified Gas Safe Engineer is able to offer these services.

Are microwave ovens repairable?

Microwave ovens can be repaired if an individual variable part is damaged or faulty but if the magnetron is damaged or no longer working, the whole microwave will need replacing. It is often cheaper to replace a microwave oven than it is to repair one but check for guarantee information before you do so, as it may be you can get one for free from the manufacturer.

When to repair or replace a microwave oven?

If a microwave oven no longer functions at all, it is time to explore a repair or replacement. However, there are faults with the function of a microwave oven that mean it does work but not to its full potential. If food is heating unevenly, the microwave is making odd sounds, the turntable is not spinning or the door handle does not seal properly, it may be that your microwave oven can be repaired.

Who to call for oven repair?

If your oven is no longer within the warranty period and/or under guarantee, you can contact a specialist domestic appliance repair service to fix it for you. Search the directory to find an oven repair specialist near you.

Can a fan oven be repaired?

Fan ovens can be repaired by specialist electric oven technicians. There are many reasons why a fan oven may not work properly or at all and a repair technician will be able to identify and fix the problem, perhaps by replacing parts, cleaning it out properly or ordering a replacement.

Can built in single ovens be repaired?

Built-in single ovens can be repaired in the same way any other oven can be, but may need to be removed from the unit within which they sit for the repair to take place. A specialist oven repair technician will be able to advise of any issues and if necessary, remove, repair or replace the built-in single oven.

Can cooker oven elements be repaired?

Technically, cooker oven elements can be repaired in some circumstances. However, they are so cheap to buy that it is usually quicker, easier and more cost-effective to simply replace a damaged or faulty element.

Does oven breakdown count as an emergency repair?

Some insurance policies do count oven breakdown as an emergency repair but many do not as it is not necessary to use an oven to prepare and consume food in all circumstances. Check with your insurance or warranty provider for their individual repair turnaround times and be sure to select one that will meet your needs should the worst happen. Catering companies or other businesses reliant on oven function should have specialist insurance in place that will treat oven breakdown as an emergency repair.