Container Hire

11 October 2023 – 2 Minute Read

Do you need storage space to hire a shipping container?

You will need storage space to hire a shipping container. Whatever size shipping container you want to hire, you will need somewhere to store it. Depending on what you want to use the shipping container for, you can store it on your property, workplace grounds or building site. You can also hire shipping containers to use as a temporary workspace solution so there will need to be appropriate space to store the container and ensure workers can access it safely. If storage space is minimal, you can hire a 3m portable flat pack storage container.

What size container do I need?

The size container you need depends on what you want to use the container for and how much space you have available to store it. A 40ft shipping container will provide enough storage space for large, bulky items, such as office furniture and chairs, filing cabinets and desks, or household furniture like your sofa or dining table. A 20ft shipping container offers a similar amount of storage as you would find in an average single garage. This size container is ideal for storing tools, garden machinery, bikes and garden furniture. A 10ft shipping container will store smaller items and be particularly useful for businesses that do not have commercial premises to store their stock.

Where can I hire a 20ft container?

You can hire a 20ft container from most UK container hire companies. You will find an extensive directory of container hire companies in the UK on who offer various size containers for hire, including 20ft.

How to hire a shipping container

To hire a shipping container, you will need to tell your chosen container supplier what size container you require and how many, the date you require the container from and how long you will need it. Many container hire companies have a minimum hire period of 4 weeks. While most shipping containers do not require planning permission as they are a temporary structure, it is a good idea to check with your local authority before hiring the shipping container.

Do off-hire containers pay business rates?

The owner of off-hire containers pay the business rates, not the person hiring the container. The tax burden for a storage container falls on the owner of the containers. The rules relating to containers used for a workspace can differ so it is a good idea to check with the Valuation Office Agency (an advisory body to the government on property and taxation) or your local authority to find out more.

How much does a shipping container cost to hire?

A shipping container costs from £22 per week to hire . How much it costs to hire a shipping container largely depends on the size of the container you wish to hire, how long you want to hire it and where in the UK you are. Other factors that may influence the cost of hiring a shipping container include whether you hire a container with an electric or water supply, and if it has special openings, such as full side openings.