Consulting Engineers

1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

What is a consulting engineering firm?

A consulting engineering firm is a professional team of engineers that offers a range of civil and structural engineering services. Consultant engineers provide individuals and businesses the type of technical expertise that may not be available in house. Consulting engineering firms range in the size and scope of work they cover. They provide professional expertise in planning, designing and modifying public and private infrastructure. Such firms typically work across sectors that are often key to the economy, such as infrastructure, construction, transport, energy and utilities.

How do engineering consulting firms work?

Companies approach engineering consulting firms for their advice and knowledge to complete different projects. Engineering consulting firms will provide their services across the entire project or for specific stages of the development, depending on the clients’ needs. Engineering consultants spend their time designing and planning a variety of projects on behalf of their clients. It is common for engineering consultants to work with their clients on-site.

How much does a consultant engineer charge per hour?

A consultant engineer charges on average between £80 and £100 an hour . How much a consultant engineer charges per hour will largely depend on the specific industry, the type of consultancy work required, the location and the level of experience of the consultant engineer. A consultant engineer’s fees will also be affected by the complexity of the project, the scope of services required, the reputation of the consulting engineering firm, the size of the client’s organisation and the current economic climate. Some consultant engineering firms will charge a lump sum rather than on an hourly basis. However, others prefer hourly or day rates, especially smaller consultancies.

What services do consulting engineers offer?

The services offered by consulting engineers include landscape design, surveying, feasibility studies, structural design and urban planning disaster relief. They also provide flood risk planning, business consultancy and transport planning services. Consulting engineers will provide their services across an entire project or specifically during some critical stages of the development.

Where to find a consulting engineer?

The best place to find a consulting engineer in your required industry is . Here you will find an extensive directory of consultant engineers across the UK to contact covering all different industries and sectors. You will also be able to check a company’s rating and read feedback from other clients. Another good way to find a consulting engineer is to ask friends and business industry contacts for recommendations they have previously used and been satisfied with.

How to choose a consulting engineer?

Choose a consulting engineer with appropriate experience and qualifications, good references and customer testimonials, and a long and consistent track record. When choosing a consulting engineer, make sure they specialise in the relevant field you require. Ideally, they should come recommended to you by a friend or business contact. It is recommended that you only ever choose a consulting engineer with good references from previous clients and a long and consistent track record of delivering quality services.