Computer Services

1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

How much do computer repair services cost?

Computer repair services cost can vary greatly, typically ranging from £20 to £100 an hour. The cost of a computer repair depends on many factors including the age of your computer or laptop, the type of repair you need and how quickly you need the work to be completed. Removing a virus from a PC is a common repair and costs between £30 and £50. A hardware replacement can be more complex and would cost in the region of £80 to £100. Costs will also vary based on the region and the materials needed to complete the work.

Where can I get my computer repaired?

You can get your computer repaired by contacting a local company through . If you are able to identify the problem, you can search for a specialist with expertise in that area or contact a company in advance to check they are able to provide the service you need. When you get in touch with a computer repair services company, remember to request an estimate of how long it will take to repair your computer, particularly if you need a fast turnaround. Many companies will try to accommodate your request if you let them know in advance.

Should I wipe my computer before repair?

Choosing whether to wipe your computer before sending it to be repaired is a personal decision. Professional computer repair companies will only access files if necessary as part of the repair, but some people are still reluctant to give a computer repair company access to their personal files. If you have confidential files on your computer or feel unhappy leaving your data on display, consider removing or encrypting the information before you drop it off with the repair company.

Who repairs Apple computers?

You can find experts who repair Apple computers on . Companies using genuine Apple parts are required to have Apple certification to perform repairs so contact the company in advance if you are unsure whether they provide specialist Apple services.

Can a broken computer screen be repaired?

Yes, a broken computer screen can be repaired with the right replacement parts. When contacting a computer repair company, let them know the make and model of your laptop or computer so they can find out whether they can get the parts you need.

Can a computer hard drive be repaired?

Yes, it is often possible for a computer hard drive to be repaired. The type of repair you need depends on the reason it has failed and whether the hard drive is accessible. Some hard drive faults can be repaired using specialist software, while mechanical problems might require your hard drive to be replaced.

Can computer monitors be repaired?

Yes, computer monitors can be repaired. There are many reasons why your monitor might be faulty, including issues with screens, lighting or powerboards. Some repairs may be simple while others could require replacement parts. A professional computer repair service will be able to identify the problem and tell you what type of repair you need.