Commercial Cleaning

11 October 2023 – 2 Minute Read

How to choose a commercial cleaning company

To choose the right commercial cleaning company for your premises and requirements, browse directory for commercial cleaners . You are advised to research each company and call around to compare services, approaches and quotes.

How much does commercial carpet cleaning cost?

Commercial carpet cleaning starts from just £1.20 per m2 . The exact cost you might pay for your commercial carpet cleaning depends on the type of carpet, the square footage of the area to be cleaned and the specific stain or dirt-removal requirements.

Not all commercial cleaning companies offer carpet cleaning as standard, so you may need to contact a company with a carpet cleaning team in order to fulfil your requirements.

How much does commercial window cleaning cost?

Commercial window cleaning costs in outside London start at about £30 p/hr . Prices in the capital begin at around £60 p/hr.

There is no single set fee for how much commercial window cleaning costs. The amount charged will be agreed upon between client and commercial window cleaning company and will depend on the number of windows to be cleaned, their size, the type of glass (many newer commercial premises have ‘self-cleaning’ glass!) and any work that will need to be carried out at height or with specialist equipment.

Most commercial window cleaners work separately to commercial cleaning companies and will need to be hired separately.

Why hire a commercial cleaning service?

Commercial cleaners offer a more thorough and frequent cleaning service than domestic cleaners, and can work to commercial standards. This can include specialist equipment and chemical usage. Since the coronavirus pandemic, many commercial cleaners have extended their services to include specific COVID-19 protection measures such as chemical fogging and additional PPE usage.

Commercial cleaning companies often have their own specialisms, so you may find — depending on the focus or type of your commercial premises — that there is a company offering tailored services that fit your specific needs.

What is included in commercial cleaning?

You can expect the service to include both routine cleaning and specific cleaning requirements, such as floors and tiles, internal walls, furniture, lighting, dining and kitchen areas, washing facilities and sometimes window cleaning as standard, with any specialist cleaning included when required.

What is the hourly rate for commercial cleaning?

The hourly rate for commercial cleaning starts around £12 . Specific non-standard tasks and the use of specialist equipment will usually cost more than a ‘standard’ routine commercial cleaning service. The cleaning company may agree for fees to be paid either hourly, weekly or monthly.

How much is a commercial cleaning service?

Commercial cleaning prices start from around £12 p/hr and include individual equipment cleaning quotes. Exacts costs depend on your bespoke requirements. It is always best to compare the services and prices offered before choosing a commercial cleaning company. For the best results, work with your chosen company to ensure the service offered is the right fit for you, your commercial premises and the job you need doing.