Coffee Suppliers

31 January 2024 – 2 Minute Read

How to find a coffee supplier

To find a coffee supplier local to you, search the directory and use the relevant filters to see which businesses operate and can supply to your area. Some coffee suppliers work on a national or even international basis and will ship anywhere so, although would always encourage you to support your local businesses, it may be that some products can only be sourced from larger national companies.

How to choose a coffee supplier

There are many factors to consider in choosing a coffee supplier that can provide everything you need it to, and you can work well with. In shortlisting a coffee supplier, ask yourself the following:

  • Does the coffee supplier offer the products I need and want?
  • Is the coffee supplier able to deliver to me and offer collection as quickly as I need it?
  • Do other customers recommend this coffee supplier?
  • Is the coffee sourced ethically and/or traceable?
  • Does the coffee supplier offer terms and prices within my budget?

Do not be afraid to ask for samples and full tasting notes from a coffee supplier, even if they have to do so virtually and not in person. Serious coffee suppliers should also be able to provide information on their supply chains and sustainability measures to ensure that the coffee they are sourcing for you is done so ethically and not in a way that hurts plantations, the workers there or the environment it is being transported through to reach you.

What do you call a coffee supplier?

A coffee supplier is a specialist wholesale seller of coffee, although often larger catering and beverage suppliers also stock and sell coffee. However, there are several different terms for those who actually prepare the coffee. A Barista, the Italian word for barkeep, is someone who prepares coffee-based drinks, much like the employees in your local coffee shop. A Coffee Sommelier is someone who matches coffees to food dishes and palates in the same way a standard Sommelier would for wine, and can usually be found in high-end restaurants. A Coffee Connoisseur is simply someone who knows a lot about coffee and usually has a qualification in the craft.

Where are coffee shop suppliers?

Most catering suppliers provide coffee products but for specialist coffee suppliers, you may have to search a little harder. The directory has a category for specific coffee specialists which can be filtered down further by geographic location. You can also view by the map to find exactly where they are based.

Where do suppliers buy coffee from?

Many large catering businesses buy their coffee from other wholesalers but specialist coffee suppliers usually buy their coffee direct from the plantation, or a reseller. Be sure to ask your coffee supplier where they source their coffee from and ask for supply chain information so that you are able to trace its authenticity and sustainability. Coffee is grown in Central and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, India and Indonesia.