Coal & Solid Fuel

31 January 2024 – 2 Minute Read

What is the best coal for a multi fuel stove?

Anthracite is one of the best coals for a multi fuel stove as it is a smokeless coal which boasts a high level of carbon and few pollutants. This means it burns more evenly than softer traditional coal. As it is hard in texture with no dangerous materials, it generates less impurities and smoke when burnt, making it perfect for multi stove ovens used in homes.

How do you light coal in a multi fuel stove?

First, make sure your multi fuel stove has been designed to use coal. All stoves designed to work with coal include a grate in the firebox. The stove’s grate are usually made of cast-iron metal bars with gaps in between.

The bars may be fixed to one strong unit or sit in a frame as a separate structure within the stove. The gaps between the bars work to let air flow to the coal from underneath.

Open the door of your multi fuel stove and place a firelighter on top of a bed of coal. Next, scatter this stack with kindling, positioning more coal around it. Light the firelighters directly. As soon as the fire starts burning consistently, cover with more coal to keep it alight.

Does coal produce more flame than smokeless fuel?

No. Smokeless fuels such as anthracite coal produce as much flame as regular house coal but with considerably less smoke. Plus, the greater amount of heat emitted and lengthier burn time means increased efficiency compared to other fuel types.

In fact, smokeless fuels emit more heat than normal house, burning hotter for longer.

Is coal a good fuel?

Smokeless coal, such as anthracite, is a good fuel. But black coal — also known as bituminous coal — has the highest amount of carbon of all fossil fuels. As a result, it emits a greater level of greenhouse gas emissions when used, meaning it is not very eco-friendly.

Coal generates a considerable amount of contamination and gas emissions when burned, including nitrogen and sulphate which can pollute rivers.

When using a multi fuel stove, it is best to use a smokeless coal like anthracite. This type of coal is a lot more environmentally friendly.

What uses coal as fuel?

Coal is vital in fuelling houses and business, delivering energy through the generation of power and creating concrete and steel.

Some of the many uses  of coal include:

  • Thermal coal is burnt to power generators and turbines for electricity production
  • Coal converted to coke is used to produce much of the world’s metal, including steel, aluminium and copper
  • Cement production
  • Domestic lighting, cooking and heating
  • Chemical production
  • Textile, paper, and glass industries
  • Manufacture of carbon fibre and specialist ingredients like silicon metals