1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

How much are cinema tickets?

The cost of cinema tickets in the UK can be eye-watering at times generally starting from £8 per ticket . However, there are large variations in the price depending where in the country you are going to the cinema, at what time and what type of screen you are viewing a film on. In general, expect to pay a lot more in London when a film has been recently released, and if you are watching it in 3D.

How big is a cinema screen?

Cinema screens will vary in width and height according to the room and size of cinema they are in. However, you can expect the average cinema screen to be around 55ft wide and 30ft tall. If you are going to an IMAX or 3D cinema, you can expect a cinema screen there to be 72ft wide and perhaps up to 98ft tall.

Can I change my cinema tickets?

Cinema tickets are, for the majority of the time, amenable if you call the cinema directly. However, some cinemas, like Cineworld, may need you to cancel your original booking first and make another booking for a new film. Some chains, like Vue for example, are happy to amend or alter an existing booking if you call the cinema directly.

Can you cancel cinema tickets and get a refund?

Like amending cinema tickets, not all chains will allow you to cancel cinema tickets and get a refund. While Cineworld does let customers do this, Vue is a notable example that does not. However, the choice will be at the cinema’s discretion. If you call them directly and explain the situation and why you need to cancel, and would like a refund, it will sometimes be possible.

Do you pay VAT on cinema tickets?

Yes, you do pay VAT on cinema tickets. During the pandemic, the government granted a temporary reduction in VAT on cinema tickets. That meant the VAT was reduced from 20% to 5%. While that is a much smaller percentage on top of the ticket price itself, it does mean cinema tickets do still have VAT to pay on them in the UK. It also means that the VAT rate will likely increase at some point in the future.

How are films delivered to cinemas?

Reels of film are no longer delivered to cinemas that have gone fully digital with a huge development in technology. Instead, films are now delivered to cinemas through hard drives and on discs, like Blu-ray, or even over the internet for the cinema to download and show its audiences.

How to get discount cinema tickets?

Some cinemas and cinema chains will offer discounts as standard for several reasons. Firstly, the time of day you are going to see a film may attract a discount. Secondly, your job may make you eligible for a discount, too. Members of the Armed Forces, the NHS and teachers are often vocations that allow them to claim a discount at cinemas. Finally, you may be able to claim a discount through your mobile phone service provider or by finding a voucher or coupon online to help you get cheap cinema tickets.