Chinese Restaurants

1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

What Chinese restaurant delivers in my area?

Search the directory to find a list of Chinese restaurants that are located close to you. Not every Chinese restaurant will deliver so use the website details or phone number attached to find out whether they provide a delivery service to your location.

What are some good Chinese restaurants near me?

When searching the directory, take the time to check the reviews and ratings to find out how popular each restaurant is with local people. Remember to consider the newest reviews first so you can get a more accurate idea of the quality of food and standard of service the restaurant is currently providing.

How to order in a Chinese restaurant?

Chinese restaurants often provide multiple ordering options. While some prefer drop-in orders only, others will allow you to order a collection or delivery over the phone. Increasingly, restaurants can provide an online ordering service that will allow you to order a collection or delivery from your home. Online services include a digital version of the menu so you can select your meal without having to pick up a paper menu.

Why are Chinese restaurants closed on Tuesdays?

Most Chinese restaurants will close on a Tuesday as it is the quietest day of the week. While other shops may choose to close on a Sunday, Chinese restaurants regularly take a proportion of their greatest profits on weekends so choose to remain open.

Are Chinese restaurants open on Chinese New Year?

Many Chinese restaurants do choose to open on Chinese New Year but this will not be the case for all. Contact your local restaurants to find out whether they plan to remain open or alter their service as a result of the celebrations.

What oil do Chinese restaurants use?

Many Chinese restaurants cook their food using soya bean or peanut oil. Both types of oil have a high smoke point so they are suitable for the typical methods of cooking used at Chinese restaurants. However, peanut oil is sometimes avoided due to some varieties being considered unsafe for those with a peanut allergy.

How do Chinese restaurants make fried rice?

The methods Chinese restaurants use to make fried rice vary from restaurant to restaurant. However, there are many ingredients and techniques that are replicated across the country. For example, it is common for restaurant fried rice to be made from jasmine rice, which is not too sticky after cooking and has a dry texture which is ideal for stir frying. Most fried rice also includes soy sauce, which gives the dish its signature salty taste.

What can a diabetic eat at Chinese restaurant?

When eating at a Chinese restaurant, diabetics should avoid ordering white rice and request a brown rice alternative to avoid a spike in blood sugar. Soup is also a good option for diabetics, as are stir-fry meal options, as they usually have small amounts of sauce. Steamed fish and vegetables are likely to be the safest options, providing a healthy alternative to some of the more common dishes on the menu.