Children's Entertainers

1 April 2022 – 2 Minute Read

How much is a children's party entertainer?

You can expect to pay anything between £150 and £200 an hour for a children’s party entertainer like a magician, storyteller or superhero character. The cost will depend on how many years of experience the entertainer has, what props and activities they will be bringing with them and conducting, and what kind of safety protocol they have in place, too. If you are booking an entertainer through a company, there may be hidden insurance fees or a deposit to budget for. Ask for full details at the time of booking to avoid surprise costs at the end.

Where to find a kids’ entertainer?

You can find an exhaustive list of kids’ entertainers by searching on . Narrow down your search to find someone in your area or city for the best convenience. Most of these listings have reviews and ratings from previous customers so you can read through these before you make a decision. Contact each entertainer or entertainment company directly to find out if what they offer suits what your child is looking for. If you are part of a parent’s group from your child’s school, you can ask them for recommendations as well. Check with friends, family and neighbours for children’s entertainers they have used in the past and have been happy with.

What makes a great kids’ entertainer?

A great kids’ entertainer should possess patience, multi-tasking skills and energy. An entertainer is usually hired at a party to keep children engaged, happy and entertained so they should be someone who knows how to have fun and can help others have fun, too. Key characteristics of a kids’ entertainer:

  • Positivity. Children have different personalities and levels of attention. A positive attitude and the ability to get a sulking child to interact are essential.
  • Energetic. Children have plenty of energy to let out so an entertainer needs to keep up, and keep them in check, too.
  • A good imagination. Children sometimes ask the funniest, most inquisitive and even inappropriate questions. Great entertainers have the right answer to every query.
  • Adaptability. Not everything goes according to plan at a children’s party so a great entertainer should be able to adapt and be flexible in their offering.

What do kids’ entertainers offer?

If you inquire with an entertainment company, they usually have entertainers who can take up any request with a variety of skills to suit all needs. From magicians to fairy princesses, artists to superhero characters, the list is endless. Popular entertainer activities include face painting, ventriloquism, puppet shows, balloon art, juggling, dancing and circus performances.

How long can a kids’ entertainer stay?

Kids’ entertainers can stay as long as you need them for; you will usually need to fix an hourly rate and timings with them when booking. Most entertainers stay for an hour or 2 and if you need them to extend their services, make sure you check their availability beforehand, too. Many kids’ entertainers have multiple appointments on the same day, especially over weekends and during events season.